Calling It – Ross’s 2020 Kitchen Design Trend Predictions

Calling It – Ross’s 2020 Kitchen Design Trend Predictions

It’s that time of year again, the new year, which means, it’s also time for me to dish out my predictions for the design trends you can expect to see in the coming twelve months. As the most renovated room of a house, it’s only fitting that I start by looking at this year’s upcoming kitchen design trends.

Kitchen trends come and go, some are fads, and some stick around for many years. The key to designing a kitchen in 2020 is to look at current and upcoming trends and to follow one (or combine multiple trends) that speak to your design style. There is no right or wrong trend to follow, so long as you’re happy with the result.

Continue reading this post to see which kitchen design trends I  think will take off (and stick around) in 2020.

Colour makes a comeback

In 2020, I predict colour to pop into kitchen designs as a contrasting accent. Colour can be added to a kitchen’s design in several ways; through tiled splashbacks, cabinets, flooring, and appliances.

A little tip on what colours to lean towards is to look at Dulux’s colour forecast for the year (this is something I pay close attention to and will base an entire article on in the coming months) and also, the current fashion colour trends. Both options will point you in the right direction for choosing a great colour palette to base your kitchen design around.

Dark, dramatic and dreamy

If a coloured kitchen isn’t your thing, then go the opposite by following the dark kitchen trend. I predict this trend will take off even more than it already has in 2020. Popular colour choices for this trend are charcoal and black, but in 2020, expect to see navy and rich greens also.

To follow the dark kitchen trend, the majority of your kitchen should be dark, if not all. Consider dark cabinets, a dark stone benchtop, matt black tapware, and a dark splashback. Natural timber or stone is a great accent if you are looking for something offset the moody palette.

Slimline, minimalist, or no handles

2020 is all about letting the cabinetry speak for itself with minimal distraction for anything else, even handles. Slimline, minimalist or handless cabinets are very much on-trend right now.

If you want the convenience of having handles on your cabinetry, opt for handles that are minimalistic in design. Our new ‘C’ handles, which are available in a white, chrome, and matt black finish, are an excellent choice in this respect.

Put things on display

I also suspect that we will see more kitchen designs featuring glass door cabinets and shelving this year. I love this trend. By incorporating glass door cabinets and open shelves in a kitchen, you automatically create depth and dimension and add character to an area.

I love this trend, and I’m all over it. Customers of Ross’s Discount Home Centre will find this trend very easy to follow thanks to our glass doors our new wall shelf unit, both of which, are designed to match our kitchen cabinet range.


If you’re considering renovating your kitchen in 2020, then you will want to make sure your kitchen design is in-line with the latest kitchen designs trends.

In 2020, I predict the following trends to feature heavily in kitchen design; kitchens with a pop of colour,  dark kitchens with a natural accent, kitchen cabinets with minimalistic handles or no handles at all, and kitchens cabinets with glass doors and/or kitchens with open shelving.

Get started following any of these kitchen design trends right here at Ross’s Discount Home Center. We are one of Perth’s largest kitchen suppliers and have everything you need to create a kitchen in 2020 that is right on-trend with today’s kitchen design styles.

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