Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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Designing a kitchen is no easy task. As the most important room of a home – and the one room that can sell a home – it should come as no surprise that many homeowners engage professional designers when it comes to designing kitchens in Perth.

According to, next to a home builder and landscape gardener, a kitchen designer or renovator was the third most hired professional in 2017. However, if you’re looking to take on your kitchen design yourself, there’s no shortage of design inspiration online to get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll see one common element in all new kitchens in Perth, and that is; they all follow the latest trends. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or embarking on your very first home build or home renovation, to ensure your new kitchen stands up to the region’s benchmark, you too will need to follow these trends.

So, let’s take a look at what this year’s top kitchen design trends are.

The Invisible Kitchen


Strangely, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing with kitchens in Perth is, well, very un-kitcheny. That’s right, its on-trend to design kitchens that don’t look so much like kitchens – I like to call them ‘invisible kitchens’. Stylish bespoke multi-functional cabinetry that conceals the fact that they are kitchen cabinets, along with state-of-the-art disappearing appliances are very much in.

The more you can disguise typical elements of a kitchen, the closer you will be to this current kitchen trend.

To pull this off, think about installing large contemporary floor-to-ceiling sliding cupboards that conceal a wall of your kitchen or integrate your dining area more into your kitchen so it looks more like a common area and less like a designated kitchen.

Kitchen island benches are playing a big role in this respect. They are becoming the focal point for many kitchens and are also starting to become multi-purpose.

The Island Bench

Island BeachAs you can see from above, the island bench is being more of a staple for kitchen designs in 2019.

Island benches are welcoming and can turn a kitchen into a real social hub of the home. Not only are they multi-functional, but they also make for a great focal point of a kitchen’s design.

For instance, in 2019, we’re finding customers want their island bench to serve as not only additional bench space, but to also offer additional storage, and to also act as a casual dining area. And, because of this, customers are opting for larger islands than we’ve seen in past years, which is also how they are becoming more communal areas, as they have flowed over into not only what was once a dining area, but also into the living room.

Waterfall island benches are the real trend of 2019 and work wonderfully with our Silestone benchtops. If you’re not familiar with a waterfall benchtop, it is simply a benchtop that appears to overflow the edge of the bench, covering the side and continuing down to the floor (see the following image as an example).

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz Benchtop

Not surprisingly, engineered quartz still reigns supreme for high-end luxury kitchen designs and this is one trend that doesn’t look to be going out of style any time soon – it only grows in popularity, and you can see from the trend above.

Now, more than ever before, manufacturers are able to supply a large range of colours and patterns to mimic a range of stone materials, just look at our Silestone benchtops to see what I mean.

The trend sees both ends of the colour spectrum being popular; light shades of white are incredibly popular with two-tone kitchens and dark black shades are commonly installed in dark monochrome or black kitchens, which are both trends of 2019 that I will discuss further on in this article.

Feature Splashback

Feature splashback

This is one trend that I absolutely love, and it’s also great for business; I’m talking about splashback feature walls.

If you follow this blog, you would have seen my recent post about why tiles are the perfect splashback choice, and now you can add the fact that they are in trend to the list also.

How splashbacks differ in 2019 is that they are being extended to cover the entire wall up to the ceiling. This turns a functional design element into a focal design element, and with so many feature tiles to choose from at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

A couple of trending tiles to consider for your kitchen splashback include the Scraped Wall Tile Rust, Tuscany Grey Fish Scale and of course, the subway tile is always a popular choice.

Introduction of Stone


Image copyright designmilk

Another trend rocking kitchen designs in 2019 is the introduction of stone. By incorporating stone into kitchen design, you create a more natural and authentic feel, which homeowners are seeking.

The best thing about this trend is that you can introduce stone into a kitchen’s design in a number of ways. From stone feature tiles like our Tuscany Nero 75mm Hexagon or Tuscany Wood Light Grey Short Herringbone to installing a stone benchtop, which you can find in our Silestone range.

If the previous trend took your fancy, then why not introduction marble in your kitchen design by using marble tiles for your feature splashback. The use of marble is another growing trend of 2019 and will become the feature of any kitchen design.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has various marble tiles to consider including Cream Stone, Lily Stone and our new range of marble mosaic tiles.

The Two-Tone Effect

Bright modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Interior design.

Last year, customers loved monochrome kitchens, but this year, two-toned kitchens are certainly in. How you split the two colours is completely up to you. But for more modern kitchen design, consider mixing two different coloured cabinets – or even introduce wood grain cabinets for your wall cabinets and solid colour cabinets for your base cabinets. Get creative, there really is no wrong or right way to approach this trend – just don’t go odd and even with your two tones!

If white is one of the colours you want for your two-toned kitchens, then Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you covered. Our cabinets are pre-assembled and feature high-gloss white 2-pack coatings that will be the perfect contrast to your secondary colour.

Black is the New White

black kitchen

Black is in and in a big way. Ok, so it probably will never overtake beautifully crisp white kitchens, but if there was ever a time to design a black kitchen, now’s the time.

Black kitchens are growing in popularity and this isn’t surprising with the growing trend for using darker colours in the home.

If this is a tend you’re attracted to, consider installing black wall cabinets and benchtops paired with base cabinets that are a few shades lighter, charcoal or dark grey for example. This monochrome look is still very much in trend.

For your tapware, this too has to be black, matt black. Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers a full suite of matt black tapware that is ideal for black kitchen designs.

Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles

Now, I’m not going to say that ceramic tiles are the biggest flooring trend of 2019, because that goes to timber floorboards. However, they are certainly on the rise, and given the difference in cost between the two, choosing ceramic floor tiles is a smart choice.

With advances in technology, ceramic tiles are now available in a magnitude of designs and styles to complement any kitchen design – You can even get ceramic tiles that look just like timber floorboards (check out this post here) or stone.

There isn’t much that ceramic tiles can’t do in terms of design, and the sky’s the limit in terms of sizing too! You will see this when you look at our range of ceramic tiles. We have designs in a kaleidoscope of colours to complement any design style you’re looking to achieve. Some of our most popular designs include the Matang range, our Charm range, and our Celina range.


Designing a kitchen is hard, but it is made a lot easier by understanding the current trends in kitchen design. The top kitchen design trends of 2019 include designing a kitchen with modern cupboards to conceal storage, engineered quartz benchtops and island benches, feature splashbacks, the use of stone, two-tone cabinets, black kitchens, and ceramic tiles.

To find products to help you design a kitchen that is on trend with this year’s hottest styles, shop nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We specialise in offer trending products – from cabinets to benchtops, tapware to tiles and everywhere in between, you’ll find everything you need under the one roof.

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