Mosaic Clearance in Perth

Some Things Look Too Good To Be True. Like our MASSIVE clearance on Mosaic Tiles, Which is why you need to come in and see them with your own eyes and purchase In-Store! Here at Ross’s Home Discount Centre, we are all about what is best for our customers which is why we aren’t just giving you cheap tiles, we are giving you top quality tiles at the absolute best possible price! We recently got a scoop Purchase of more than 25,000 Mosaic Tiles that used to sell for anywhere between $30 and $80 per sheet but we are giving all of them to you for $10 per sheet. From Metallic Golds and silvers to Pool Tiles, you will love our Gigantic Clearance Mosaic Range and their Low, Low Price!


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Update - 31 March 2020

Our warehouses still have plenty of stock and our showroom is full.
Call 9378 2233 if you have any questions regarding DIY or product specifications.
Our delivery truck is on the road and delivering online orders to the Perth Metro area.

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