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The Aspen Shower is a beautifully designed shower that will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. It has been skillfully crafted to blend perfectly with the interiors of a modern bathroom.

The Aspen Shower is available in three size options; a 120cm and 150cm door or a 90cm return panel.

The Aspen Shower features a polished aluminium rail, exposed rollers and an elegant chrome finish. The door set also features chrome handles, which offer a modern look. The sliding door mechanism offers easy accessibility for all.

The Aspen Shower is a semi-frameless shower unit. The glass panel is made out of 8mm toughened safety glass, which meets the Australian standards of safety. High-quality aluminium hinges and brackets support it. As there are no difficult-to-reach corners, this shower screen is very easy to keep.

The Aspen Shower is a high-quality shower screen built to last many years. It is also designed to offer easy installation, so you will have no problems installing it in your new bathroom.

This quality shower screen is available at a great price at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. There really is no excuse to overlook this wonderful product. Buy the Aspen Shower today and convert your bathroom into an elegant and functional space!

Read ‘The Ultimate Shower Screen Buying Guide‘ and ‘Pivot Door vs Normal Hinge? Which is Best?’ for help choosing your shower screen.

Don’t forget to purchase new shower tapware and a floor waste to go with your new shower!


  • Sliding Door
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Suits tiled floors
  • Semi-frameless 8mm toughened safety glass
  • Easy to clean glass
  • Stylish chrome handles
  • COLOUR: Chrome
  • MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: Toughened Glass & Aluminum


  • Door – Min-Max 1165-1185mm x 2000H mm
  • Door – Min-Max 1465-1485mm x 2000H mm
  • Return – Min-Max 840-860mm x 2000H mm



Shower Screen Adjustment Sizes

Aspen Sliding Door


Standard Size (mm) Adjustment (mm) Height


1200 1165-1185


AS150FSC 1500 1465-1485


Aspen Return Panel


Standard Size (mm) Adjustment (mm)



900 840-860



Screens, Doors and Panels 5 Years Repair, Replacement parts or complete product
Lakes Bathroom Products Life Time Life Time replacement parts or complete product.
This does not include any parts that are subject to wear and tear such as wheels and rubber.
Screen Installation Please use an experienced installer. Screens that are not installed by a professional will not be replaced. Screens that are damaged or broken during installation will not be covered under warranty.

Australian Standards AS/NZS

Australian/NewZealand Standard – Safety glazing materials in buildings

Shower screens and doors must comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1288 and 2208 and be made of Grade A toughened glass or Grade B wired glass. The minimum thickness of framed toughened glass (Grade A) is 4mm. The minimum thickness of partly framed and frameless toughened glass is 6mm. However, toughened glass has been known to break into small blunt cube-like granules when a small chip of the glass disturbs the surface tension causing it to burst inward. This can be minimised by drying hinges on shower screens after each use, or cleaning them weekly with a mild soap solution, rinsing, and drying. Do not use abrasive cleaners of any kind on hinges and other hardware. Keep glass clean to prevent mineral deposits.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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