Tuscany Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon

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The Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon mosaic from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s mosaic tile range is on point with this year’s tile trends.  This modern tile is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and complements all modern decors and design styles.

Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon measures 312×292 mm in dimension and is sold per sheet.

Design the kitchen, bathroom or laundry of your dreams with the Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon. This contemporary mosaic tile comprises a hundred and twenty 30mm hexagon-shaped mosaics per sheet, in light grey/beige tones. It pairs well with Hamptons, minimalistic, monochromatic and modern designed. It is suitable for internal and external walls offers easy installation via interlocking sheets.

Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon comes with a 10-year warranty from manufactures, StoneWorld.

For hexagon-shaped mosaic tiles in Perth, Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Wood Light Grey 30mm Hexagon mosaic is a popular choice. Purchase this modern mosaic tile online to take advantage of the free delivery to Perth Metro.