Ross’s Home Discount Centre offers a range of high-quality bathroom vanities and kitchen and laundry cabinets. Should you have a question in relation to our cabinets, please look for the answer below before getting in touch with us.

  • What warranty do these cupboards have?

    Enjoy total peace of mind, all our cabinets are supported with a full 5 year warranty.

  • Are your cabinets “flat-packed?” Do I need to put your cabinets together?

    NO… All our cabinets are supplied completely assembled straight out of the box, no need to spend hours or even days assembling the cabinets like normal flat packs.

  • What material are they made of?

    Our cabinets are manufactured from water resistant HMR (highly moisture resistant) board, they are also coated with 3 prime coats and 3 tops coats of a 2 pack epoxy paint to the surface this achieves a beautiful gloss finish.

  • What colour and handle option are available?

    Our cabinets are only available in gloss white, we believe that the crisp look of the white highlighted with coloured benchtops is a real winning combination.

    Our cabinets are also supplied complete with a stylish polished aluminum handle. These can be changed if required.

  • Do your cabinets come with solid backs?

    Absolutely, our whole range of cabinets come with 16mm solid backs.

    Solid backs not only add a lot of strength to the cabinets they also make fixing to the walls extremely easy.

  • What finish is that? Are they wrapped or painted?

    The high gloss finish of the alpine cabinets is created from 3 prime coats and 3 top coats of a 2-pack epoxy paint which is baked onto the surface. This gives them a high gloss & very durable finish.

  • Are they finished on all sides?

    Yes. There is no need for any finishing or end panels with these cabinets, both the sides and front are all painted the same.