6 Bathroom renovation trends you’ll see in 2017

If you’re considering renovating your bathroom, then you’ve picked the perfect time because this year’s trends are hot, hot, hot!

However, following trends can often be costly, especially if you don’t know where to shop for a bargain. Therefore, before you get carried away with your design, one important matter to settle on first is your budget – this will change the outcome of your bathroom and depict which trends you can follow and those that are outside your budget.

Let’s look at some figures. According to finder.com.au, the average cost of a bathroom renovation is around $18,000. So, if your budget is $18,000 or more, then you’re on track to follow any trend you wish for. However, at the lower end of the scale, say $5,000-$15,000, you may have to sacrifice some trends to meet your budget.

Alternatively as mentioned, if you know where to shop for a bargain then you can afford much more for much less. One of the best places to shop for affordable bathroom products in Perth is from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer quality bathroom products at much cheaper prices than other bathroom suppliers.

So, without further ado, continue reading this article as I list 6 hot bathroom renovation trends that you’ll see in 2017.

1. General design trends

Bathroom renovations in 2017 are expected to feature more simple, minimalistic and geometric designs. Overall, we will see bathroom designs transition from a utility area to a private getaway oasis.

Experts predict the use of cleaner fixtures and fittings, more organised spaces and softer colours as other trends for 2017.

2. Large format tiles

Bathroom renovations in Perth are moving towards large format tile over traditional floor tiles for – this is a trend I see growing by the day right here at Ross’s. Large tiles make a space look bigger and more open – they are also very easy to clean and maintain, which is really just an added bonus to their stylish looks.

If you’re looking for affordable large format tiles, take a look at our extensive collection of tiles. From our range, I will recommend our Luna Bianco and our Celina White tiles. These elegant tiles are perfect for your bathroom renovation.

3. Minimalistic shower screens

While I’ve noticed minimalism to be an emerging trend, I didn’t expect bathroom renovations in Perth to adopt this trend to fast. I’ve seen an increasing number of Perth homeowners buying transparent glass enclosures and shower screens for a sleek, easy to clean shower solution.

If you’re considering a new shower screen for your bathroom renovation, take a look at our range of shower enclosures. Our Nice Enclosure and Cannes Enclosure both feature practical, minimalist designs and are perfect for you!

4. Geometric tiles

I’m glad to announce that geometric tiles are back in fashion and quite popular here at Ross’s! These dynamic, structural feature tiles give off an architectural vibe and are great to create any design – you can even use them on the floors and walls of your bathroom renovation.

However, do consider your budget before splurging on geometric tiles as they can be costly. For more affordable options, view our selection of feature tiles – our Image Décor and Osaka Décor tiles in particular will surly help you pull off this trend.

5. Smart vanities for storage

Perth homeowners are beginning to realise that a beautiful bathroom is nothing but a well-organised bathroom. As such, more of our customers are choosing vanities that offer ample storage space. In 2017 you’ll see larger vanities available in various finishes with an emphasis on storage options.

For your bathroom renovation, I recommend you consider the 1500mm Brianna PVC Vanity and our Charli Tall Boy; these both offer excellent storage space.

6. Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths have been very popular recently and I expect this to be a major trend in 2017 as well. The biggest advantage offered by freestanding baths is that they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, which makes designing a bathroom renovation much easier!

Like geometric tiles, freestanding baths can also be costly to your budget. However, if you’d like to purchase a freestanding bath for your bathroom renovation in Perth, consider our collection. I personally recommend our Galaxy Black Oval Freestanding Bath and Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath. These sleek and elegant baths are bestsellers here at Ross’s.


Bathroom renovations in Perth are seeing many emerging trends. Overall, bathrooms will transition from a utility area to a personal retreat. They will feature more large-format tiles, minimalistic shower screens, geometric feature tiles and freestanding baths, plus better storage solutions.

To afford to have these trends in your bathroom renovation, then be sure to shop for a bargain at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Perth. Shop from us online or drop by our showroom in Guildford today!

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