6 Kitchen trends to look out for in 2017

Kitchen renovations are incredibly common among Australian households. According to the latest Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 35% of Australian homeowners chose to renovate their kitchen simply because they didn’t like their old kitchen. Granted, we spend as many as 40 hours in a kitchen per week. So, the design and layout need to be both attractive and practical.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, then getting some design ideas is a great place to start. However, to ensure your design is “on trend”, today I’ll share with you some of 2017’s hottest trends for kitchens in Perth. So, listen up!

1. Pastel shades to be replaced by jewel tones

Pastel shades, which in the past have been popular for kitchen wall tiles, are now going out of fashion. Kitchens in Perth are moving away from soft shades and are shifting towards the use of bold jewel tones. Emerald green, sapphire, amethyst and ruby are some examples of jewel tones that are rapidly being adopted.

If you’d like to incorporate jewel tones for your Perth kitchen, take a look at our collection of tiles. I recommend our Argus and our Avatar for your kitchen renovation in 2017. Both of these wall tiles feature a sparkling jewel tones that’ll create a modern and trendy look.


2. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

I’ve noticed that homeowners renovating kitchens in Perth are starting to mix patters together. Don’t be afraid to do so, you be very surprised with the end result. 2017 will see this trend continue with patterns – along with textures and materials – together to create a design which wouldn’t traditionally work.

While this gives you license to get creative, it still needs to look attractive. To pull off this trend, you need great feature tiles, such as ours here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Take a look at our Image Décor and Grenier Mix tiles for starters. These feature tiles come in unique patterns and are perfect for the modern kitchen.


3. Upper kitchen cabinets out of fashion

If you’re renovating your kitchen in 2017, drop wall cabinets from your design – they are almost out of fashion. Instead, many kitchens in Perth are now including ‘easier-to-reach’ open shelves or wall shelves instead. Shelves are available in a range of designs, while you can get creative with open shelves. The result will be a modern looking and trendy kitchen space.

Take a look at the large collection of kitchen cabinets available at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. To stay on-trend, consider our Glass Doors Gloss White cabinet for your kitchen renovation. This way you get the best of both worlds; shelving and a cupboard. Just don’t go overboard – use in moderation.

4. Kitchen appliances now a feature statement

In 2017, kitchen appliances will become more of a feature than ever before. Kitchens in Perth are using large freestanding ovens and grand French door refrigerators to complement the design, if not become the feature of the design.

If you’d like attractive and practical kitchen appliances in your new kitchen, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our Gas Freestanding Oven and French Door Refrigerator are ideal for a trend setting kitchen.

635 Litre French Door Refrigerator
635 Litre French Door Refrigerator


5. Greenery being adopted

I’m sure that you’ve noticed minimalism making a style statement in the recent past. Minimalism will hit kitchens in Perth this year, with many homeowners adding plants to their kitchens to complete this trend. Greenery attracts attention and adds pops of colour to a minimalistic kitchen.

If you’d like to add greenery to your kitchen, choose potted plants which require minimum maintenance such as fig plants.

6. Concealed waste bins

Lastly, 2017 is set to see kitchens making use of concealed waste bins. Concealed waste bins are available as ‘pull-out’ variants, which maximise space and keep trash out of sight.

For the best concealed waste bins in Perth, check our 15L Waste and Recycling Bin and our 35L Waste Bin. These bins will transform your kitchen into a practical workspace.



Perth kitchens in will see some major trends in 2017. Traditional pastel shades are being replaced by jewel tones in kitchens and wall cabinets are being replaced by shelves. Expect to also see kitchen appliances being used as a feature statement and the introduction of greenery in minimalistic kitchens. Finally, concealed waste bins will also be built into new kitchen designs.

Purchase high quality, yet affordable kitchen products to pull off this year’s kitchen trends from us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Drop by our showroom in Guildford or shop online from us today!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for exclusive giveaways and fan only discounts.