Bathroom tile trends for 2016

Bathroom tile trends for 2016

Are you redoing your old bathroom floor or looking to build a new bathroom? The biggest aspect of flooring of bathrooms is the choosing of tiles and you certainly have more than a few choices at your disposal with bathroom tiles. No doubt that you’re looking for information on the latest trends for bathroom tiles in Perth and that’s how you’ve landed here.

The bathroom is no longer just a room in which you wash-up; it is now treated more like a luxury retreat, where home owners are more than happy to spend in excess of $20,000 per bathroom to create their luxury haven. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1999 Australian Housing Survey, 969,700 households in the decade to 1999 undertook a bathroom renovation, which was 33% of all households in renovated dwellings. These figures alone confirm that bathroom renovations are indeed amongst the most popular renovations (second only to kitchens which was 38.5% of all households in renovated dwellings). If you’re about to undertake a bathroom renovation, then it’s important to plan it correctly and make the right design choices, especially when it comes to your choice of bathroom tiles.

As a tile supplier myself, I need to keep up with current trends in order to serve customers better. Also, being the head of purchasing at Ross’s, I for one do know a thing or two about what’s trending in the market currently. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends for bathroom tiles in Perth for 2016.

1. Get creative with tile patterns

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that customers opt for patterned or geometric tile shapes. However, this trend is all set to change in 2016. As per Melbourne designer Andrew Crawshaw, basic and plain tiles laid out in unusual patterns will be one of the top tile trends this year. Not only do plain tiles create an enduring appeal, but you can get really quirky with design patterns. You can take a look at our selection of bathroom tiles and make appealing patterns out of them such as the basket weave, windmill and the classic herringbone patterns, which have all been used to good effect by some of our customers. Adding some punchy colours will give your bathroom a dramatic look.

2. Go for high shine tiles

While I’ve had a few customers ask for tiles with a metallic shine in the past, high shine tiles are a trend being adopted by some of biggest designers all over the world. If you’d like to adopt this trend for your bathroom in Perth, choose wet look metallic tiles that will shimmer in light. For an even more luxurious look, use muted metallic tiles with gold grout for a rich and dreamy look.

3. Use mixed media combinations

Few of our bold customers have used mixed media tiles earlier, but 2016 will see this as one of the hottest trends. Also known as transitional flooring, you should look to choose two or more patterns or materials in your bathroom. Take a look at our feature tiles and mosaic tiles and make use of mixed media tile combination. You can also define different zones of your bathroom by using different designs.

4. Go for the classic marble look

The classic marble look in a bathroom is the most coveted and modern day tile manufacturers have succeeded in replicating this classic look with porcelain tiles. If you’re looking to get trendy with this classic look, choose from our range of porcelain tiles with a calacatta finish for an incredibly realistic marble impression.

5. Highlight your wall tiles

Wall tiles were earlier only meant as a backsplash to prevent walls from getting stained. However, 2016 is seeing wall tiles being used as fashionable replacements to paint and wallpaper in the bathroom. The hottest wall tile trends of this year include longer tile sizes, metallic colours and 3D designs.


To keep up with the latest trends in bathroom tiles in Perth, you need to get creative with your designs. Gone are the days when simple patterns and geometric shapes would rule the bathrooms. Today, you should look to make your bathroom quirkier with patterns, opt for high shine tiles, use a combination of mixed media and highlight your wall tiles. However, the classic marble look of bathrooms is one trend that has remained for a while now and should you opt for this trend, you can make use of porcelain tiles for a realistic looking marble effect.

Here, at Ross’s, we have one of the best selections of high quality bathroom tiles in Perth. We like keeping our collection up to date, so you can expect to find some of the latest patterns and designs in tiles in our collection. Whatever type or style of tile you’re looking for, we’re likely to have it in stock, so go ahead and browse through our selection. One of the best things about our store is that our prices are really competitive for the quality of tiles we offer. You will certainly have a tough time looking for better quality tiles at such prices in Perth.

To buy bathroom tiles from us, visit our showroom in Guildford, or buy tiles online. If you have any questions regarding bathroom tiles, do give us a call. We’ll put you through to our very knowledgeable salesmen, who will help you out as best as they can.