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Do you love entertaining friends and family? Are you a self-proclaimed ‘home chef’? Or are you undergoing a renovation and you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you definitely need at least a couple of gourmet appliances in your kitchen.

Gourmet appliances allow you to take your cooking to the next level and turn a great kitchen into a luxury kitchen. But, being seen as luxury items, most people consider gourmet appliances to be expensive. While this is somewhat true, you can always find affordable gourmet kitchen appliances in Perth. More particularly, right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Today, I will showcase our latest collection of gourmet kitchen appliances in Perth. Take a look at them, and you’re sure to want to include them in your kitchen.

30cm Domino Teppanyaki Plate

30cm Domino Teppanyaki Plate
The 30cm Domino Teppanyaki Plate is $2,259 inc.GST

Teppanyaki is incredibly popular here in Perth. So much so that many homeowners are installing teppanyaki plates to prepare this Japanese dish at home. If you love teppanyaki or love to entertain, then why not consider getting an appliance and invite your friends over for a teppanyaki night? Our 30cm Domino Teppanyaki Plate is the cooktop that will allow you to do this.

This teppanyaki plate is a small, but a very sophisticated appliance that includes dual cooking zones. It is made out of high-grade stainless steel and offers a high-temperature resistance surface. This gourmet appliance is incredibly easy to use, and you’re sure to have a great time cooking on it.

30cm Domino Fryer

30cm Domino Fryer
The 30cm Domino Fryer is $949 inc.GST

Do you often indulge in French fries? If you’re like me and cannot say no to oily, crunchy, fresh French fries, then our 30cm Domino Fryer is a must-have for your kitchen appliance collection. This compact domino fryer allows you to cook a range of dishes and has a maximum capacity of 2.5L. It comes with a removable stainless-steel oil container, allowing you to retain excess oil. This fryer comes with automatic safety control and is quite easy to use.

Whether you love fried food or you often invite guests over, our 30cm Domino Fryer will be a winner. Not only can you make those oily, crunchy, fresh French fries that you love so much at home, but you can also make a whole range of other fried foods. From battered fish to sweet potato fries, homemade calamari, onion rings and even doughnuts, the possibilities are endless!

30cm Domino Electric BBQ

30cm Domino Electric BBQ
The 30cm Domino Electric BBQ is $619 inc.GST

Do you love barbequed food but never cook one a BBQ because you don’t like cooking outdoors? Well then, our 30cm Domino Electric BBQ is just for you. This compact, no-fuss electric BBQ is specially designed to fit into your kitchen, no matter how small space is. And, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of BBQ cooking from within your kitchen itself!

Our 30cm Domino Electric BBQ may be an indoor appliance, but it is a powerful one. With 12 position controls, a drip pan, easy front control knobs and a stainless-steel body, this electric BBQ certainly is designed well. With this BBQ, you can cook amazing char-grilled stake from the comfort of your kitchen.

30cm Domino Gas Wok Cooktop

30cm Domino Gas Wok Cooktop
The 30cm Domino Gas Wok Cooktop is $599 inc.GST

If you love to cook and are also into a healthy lifestyle, then our 30cm Domino Gas Wok Cooktop is the gourmet appliance for you. It is specially designed to offer you healthy cooking in a matter of minutes.

Our wok cooktop comes with many useful features such as front control knobs, high power burners and natural gas/LPG jets. It also includes a flame failure safety device, so you can rest assured and indulge in cooking. Thanks to our wok cooktop, you can cook up any stir-fry your taste buds desire in no time!


Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or if you’re a home chef who loves cooking and entertaining, you need gourmet kitchen appliances in your life. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer a full range of high-quality gourmet kitchen appliances in Perth.

We’ve added a few new gourmet appliances to our collection of kitchen appliances in Perth. These include our 30cm Domino Teppanyaki Plate, our 30cm Domino Fryer, our 30cm Domino Electric BBQ and our 30cm Domino Gas Wok Cooktop. Get hold of any of these to transform your kitchen completely!

To get your hands on our amazing kitchen appliances in Perth, visit us in Guildford or shop from us online today!

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