If we look at the composition alone, porcelain tiles are the better of the two options. They have lower water absorption (almost nill), making them more water-resistant, and they are harder, making them more durable than ceramic tiles.

As such, you should expect to pay more for porcelain tiles over ceramic tiles. But, the better tile comes down to your needs and application. Many feature tiles, for example, are ceramic and therefore a better option for splashbacks etc.

Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles
Composition Coarse red, brown or white clay Fine kaolin white clay, sand and feldspar
Water Absorption Between 0.5 and 6% Less than 0.5%
Cost $10 to $55 per square metre $30 to $60 per square metre
Typical Use Indoor floors and walls Indoor and outdoor floors and walls (sealed)
Hardness Softer than porcelain
5 or 6 MOHS
Harder, more brittle than ceramic
7, 8 or 9 MOHS
PEI Rating Between 3 and 4 Between 3 and 5
Water Resistance Good Excellent

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