Ross’s Home Discount Centre offers a range of high-quality kitchen, laundry and alfresco appliances. Should you have a question in relation to our appliances, please look for the answer below before getting in touch with us.

  • Should there be water left in the bottom of my dishwasher?

    Yes, the level will be just up to the filter. This is to stop the seals from drying out

  • Water does not flow into the Dishwasher?

    The taps are turned off. Ensure the taps are turned on.
    The inlet hose is bent or kinked. Straighten the inlet hose to allow water to flow through.

  • Dishes are not clean at the end of the wash cycle?

    The Dishwasher is overloaded. Reduce the Dishwasher load. Ensure the spray arms can rotate freely and remove food scraps from dishes before loading.
    The spray arm holes are blocked. Remove the spray arms, rinse under tap water and replace.
    Not enough detergent has been used. Use the recommended amount of detergent.
    The strainer is blocked. Clean the strainer.

  • The Dishwasher will not drain?

    The drain hose is bent or kinked. Straighten the hose to allow water flow.
    The strainer is blocked. Empty the strainer and ensure the filter plate is clear of food particles.

  • The Dishwasher will not start?

    The power switch is not turned on at the wall. Unplug the machine from the wall. Wait 60 seconds, plug back in and turn the power back on again.
    The household power supply is at fault. Try plugging another electrical appliance into the power slot.
    The door is not closed properly. Ensure the door is closed by pushing the handle forward until it ‘clicks’.

  • Can I light my electronic gas cooktop manually if the power goes out?

    Yes, there is no problem with lighting it manually.

  • One of the burners has an uneven flame

    The burner parts are not located properly.
    Ensure the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.

  • The burner flames are yellow/slow to start?

    The burner parts are not located correctly. Ensure the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.
    The gas (if bottled is used) is emptying. Refill the gas bottle.

  • The Cooktop does not light.

    There is no power. Ensure the cooktop is plugged in and there is power to the wall socket.
    There is no gas. Ensure the gas supply valve is turned on and the supply to the house is working. The gas should be heard when a burner is turned on.
    The gas igniters are dirty. Clean with a toothbrush and methylated spirits.
    The burner parts are not properly located. Ensure the cooktop has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat.

  • What is the difference between re-circulating and ducted rangehoods?

    For ducted range-hoods the air is directed to the outside, but re-circulating range-hoods return the filtered air back into the room via vents on the front of the range-hood or a duct kit.

  • What are the measurement requirements/standards for the installation of a range-hood?

    The recommended position for the hood is between 650mm – 750mm above the electric hotplates or gas cooktop.
    This applies to inbuilt cooktops or freestanding cookers

  • What type of light bulb is used in your Rangehoods?

    Use only bulbs with an E14 40Wmax coupling. Can be purchased from all leading hardware outlets.