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  • How long do kitchen renovations take?

    We can install your new kitchen in 48 hours. That means with some careful planning you can have a new kitchen in one weekend.

    A general project schedule might looks like this:
    Day 1 (AM) : Removal of your existing kitchen will take half a day.
    Day 1 (PM):Fit in the new cabinets and the laminate tops. Do the wall tiling.
    Day 2 (AM). Install the plumbing and attach your cooktop and sink – your kitchen should be functional
    Day 2 (PM):Do any final touches. Cook your first of many feasts in your brand new kitchen.

  • The Look

    Now this is when the real fun starts. This is when you start to look at the fitting and fixtures that will make your kitchen pop. This is when you get to decide what type of taps you want or cabinet and handles. Remember to consider other furniture such as stools or kitchen island. These are the elements that will make your kitchen work for you and your family. It will also give you the chance to add some style and sophistication to your kitchen

  • What to consider when measuring?

    Take measurements of your kitchen and figure out the best place for everything you need. Make sure you have the measurements of your fridge and any other appliances as you will need to factor these into your design. Our 3D planner will help you plan your kitchen with ease.

  • How to budget for kitchen renovations?

    When planning and choosing your budget for a renovation, you first need to be comfortable that what you’re spending will add the value that you want from your project. Value can either be the obvious return on investment, adding value to the price of your property, or it can be adding value in the way that you enjoy and use your kitchen.
    If the value in your renovation is more personal or intrinsic (i.e. for your enjoyment as much as adding value to your property), you might look to spending a little more on your renovation, and add more features and designer touches, to get that dream kitchen.
    The standard rule of thumb, however, is to consider spending between 3-6% of the value of the property, to ensure you don’t over capitalise on your investment.

  • Where to start?

    Have a think about your family needs. Do you have a big or small family? Are you looking at extending your family? Do you host a lot of functions?
    Then start your research and planning. Renovating can be chaotic and daunting. Finding the right people to help you is a great way to start- then everything else should just fall into place!