Important Considerations for Kitchen Cabinetry

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Let’s face it, kitchens don’t come cheap, and they’re not easily replaced. Therefore, when designing a new kitchen, you need to give considerate thought to every aspect of the design. You don’t want to be stuck with a poor design choice for the next 15 years, do you?

What makes a kitchen more than the cabinetry? Kitchen cabinetry essentially is the kitchen; everything else is just embellishment and decoration. So, when it comes to selecting your kitchen cabinetry, you need to factor in every consideration.

Today, I take you through these important considerations to ensure you choose kitchen cabinetry that will last the test of time.

What material are the cabinets made from?

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For your kitchen to last 15 years or more, it needs to be made from quality materials. Look for cabinets that have carcasses made from HMR board, which is a melamine board, and not a non-HMR carcass board.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, our carcases are made from HMR board. MDF is used on the doors and drawers.

Can I achieve my desired kitchen layout?

Kitchen layout

Before shopping for kitchen cabinetry, have a decisive kitchen layout in place. You need to know if the range of cabinets you’re looking at have every unit you’re after available.

For example, if you have a U or L-shaped kitchen layout, you will need corner cupboards and/or a pantry. If you want your microwave and oven to be built-into the cabinetry, they will also need to have cabinets to facilitate this.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have every cabinet needed to create any kitchen layout.

Will my appliances fit into them?

Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Appliances

Also, consider the appliances themselves. Takes measurements to ensure they will fit into the allocated space provided in the cabinetry.

Can I achieve my desired kitchen design style?

The design style of a kitchen is just as important as the kitchen layout. If you are after a specific style, you need to make sure the cabinet designs will match the style.

For example, minimalistic kitchen design features plain white cabinetry with no frames, while traditional or Hamptons kitchen design features frames and embellishments, and the cabinets may not be white.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have white 2 pack coated cabinets, which are best suited to contemporary, modern, and eclectic kitchen design styles.

Do they feature soft-closing doors and drawers?

soft closing doors

A popular modern feature of any kitchen is soft-closing hinges for doors and drawers. Be sure to check if this is standing or an additional expense to the advertised price.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, soft-closing doors and drawers are standard.

Are they delivered assembled or as a flat pack?

pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

A kitchen price may look enticing, however, if you have to spend a week assembling it, it might not be the right choice. Check to see if the cabinetry company assemble the cabinets in their factory or if they are delivered as flat pack for DIY assembly.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, all cabinets are pre-assembled in our factory.

Is hardware included or additional?

kitchen cabinet hardware

Check to see if hinges and handles are included in the price of if they are additional.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, handles and hinges are included as standard.

For more FAQs about our Kitchen Cabinetry, be sure to visit our Cabinets FAQ’s section.


Kitchen cabinetry plays a significant role in a kitchen’s design – it basically IS the kitchen! Therefore, when choosing cabinetry, you want to make sure you have taken everything into consideration.

Things to consider include; which material they’re made from, if they can produce your desired kitchen layout (and if your appliances will fit into them), and will they match in with your design style. Also, check to see if soft-closing doors and drawers and hardware are included or extra, and most importantly, check if they delivered assembled or as a flat pack.

Having examined all the items mentioned in this article, you’re all set to shop for kitchen cabinetry for your new kitchen. And, where better to start than right here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

We’re Perth’s #1 choice for assembled kitchen cabinetry and have every wall cabinet and base cabinet needed to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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