5 reasons to include internal sliding doors in your home renovation

internal sliding doors

Modern architects and designers all talk about openness and fluidity these days. In fact, this is also what most people consider when they’re undergoing a home renovation. Everyone wants their home to have a smooth layout and installing internal sliding doors is one way of doing so.

Internal sliding doors can create a wonderful sense of flow that simply cannot be achieved with standard hinged doors. They look incredibly elegant, extremely flexible and save space. Really, there’s nothing not to love about them!

Continue reading this post as I offer 5 reasons why you should include internal sliding doors in your home renovation. Hopefully, when you’re done reading, you’ll consider purchasing internal sliding doors in Perth from us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

1. They are highly flexible

One of the biggest advantages offered by internal sliding doors is that they are highly flexible. By installing an internal sliding door, you can create open plan layout, while also separating one zone from another. Moreover, sliding doors are incredibly easy to operate and very effective at sealing off two areas, which is especially handy if you have kids. You don’t need to push, pull or exert too much energy to close them, simply slide across to create a division.

The flexibility offered by internal sliding doors is unmatched. You can install them just about anywhere in your home and without too many hassles. This is something you won’t find with any other type of door.

2. They save space

Another great reason to include internal sliding doors into your home renovation is because they are great space savers. For this reason, they are a great choice for small homes and apartments.

Since sliding internal doors are installed into a track or into a recessed door frame, they don’t open inwards or outwards. This allows you to uses this space that you would otherwise have to keep free for the door swing.

3. They create flow

The space saving feature of internal sliding doors also create a wonderful flow in your home, which brings me to my third reason.

Internal sliding doors allow you to can create smooth seamless flow throughout your home. Any other type of door will open out in one direction or the other, restricting the flow and aesthetics of your home. And those that recess into the wall won’t interfere with the aesthetical flow of your home at all. In fact when open, you won’t even know that the door exists.

4. They let light in

The forth reason to include internal sliding doors into your home renovation is because they have the ability to let light in – that is of course, if you choose ones made of glass. You’ll be able to enjoy a full view of what lies on the other side of the door, which in itself, will make your home appear larger.

Of course, it may not always be desirable to have a full view through the door. In such cases, you can always go with a seeded glass door or frosted glass. This will let light pass in, but won’t offer a full visual connection.

5. They are sophisticated and elegant

Finally, my last reason to include internal sliding doors into your home revocation is because they are incredibly stylish and very much on trend right now. Not only will they add character and style to your home, but they will also add a touch of functionality.


If you are planning or undergoing a home renovation, you should consider installing internal sliding doors. Sliding doors offer a range of benefits. They are highly flexible, save space, create a great flow, let light in and will add a very modern touch to your new home.

So, if I’ve pursued you to include internal sliding doors into your home renovation, look nowhere else for internal sliding doors in Perth, than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We specialise in offering high quality products that will suit your taste and meet your budget requirements as well.

Do note that you won’t find sliding doors listed on our online store. This is because our doors are made to order. So, get in touch with us or drop by our showroom in Perth to place a special order for internal sliding doors today.

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