Stay Current Following These Tile Trends of 2019

Stay Current Following These Tile Trends of 2019

Although we’re more than half-way through 2019, there is still plenty of time to plan and complete your new home or renovation. Of the many elements needed to form the overall design style of your home, few have quite the impact as tiles. Tiles, when chosen for your flooring choice, are the one constant element that ties each room together. And, even if you only feature tiles in your bathroom and ensuite, they are the main design element of that space.

Therefore, whether choosing tiles for flooring or a bathroom, it’s a very important decision in the overall design of your home.

One way to ensure your choice is on point is to follow the current tile trends, which is what we will be looking into today. Continue reading as I share with you current tile trends and tiles that you can purchase here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre to pull off this trend yourself.

Wood-look tiles

Timber Grigio

Timber Look Grigio Tile from Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Wood-look tiles have to be my favourite tile trend of 2019, and one that I have personally been hoping would catch on for some time now.

There is only two main flooring options, tiles and floorboards. With wood-look tiles, you get the best of both worlds; the luxury look of floorboards and the durability and affordability of tiles.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stocks a variety of wood-look tiles to consider for this trend. The most popular are Lignum Ebano, Timber Look Maroon, and Timber Look Grigio – each of which is currently on sale, so get in quick if you want to follow this trend!

Natural Stone-look tiles

Matang Light Grey

Matang Light Grey stone-look tile from Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Minimalistic design is trending heavily this year, and one of the best tile choices to complement this style is natural stone. However, natural stone tiles come at a hefty price tag. For this reason, natural stone-look tiles are also making their mark in 2019.

At Ross’s, we’ve jumped on this tend to offer a large range of stone-look tiles. Each of which is durable and affordable. To follow this trend, consider any of the following tiles: Matang Light Grey, Celina Charcoal, and Monalto Graphite. You can find a large selection on our website.

Terrazzo-look tiles

Terazzo White

Terazzo White from Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Terrazzo has made a comeback in a big way in 2019, and again, one way to get the terrazzo-look for less is by choosing terrazzo-look tiles. The speckled pattern provided by terrazzo skilfully camouflages a lot of dirt and marks, which makes them a great choice for high-traffic areas.

You can find a selection of terrazzo-look tiles at Ross’s Discount Home Centre which comprises the Terrazo Grey, Terrazo Charcoal, and Terrazo White porcelain tiles.

Marble-look tiles

Marble look tiles

For a luxe look for less, like wood-look and natural-stone tiles, you can also now get marble-look tiles. Marble is timeless, and its clean, bright, elegant properties are the perfect setting for a contemporary home.

Ceramic tiles can masterfully mimic just about any material, including marble, to offer a more affordable, less porous and much more affordable option…which is why these tiles are trending in 2019.

We have a range of marble-look tiles to consider if you would like to follow this trend. They include Imperial Snow, and Charm Shell, amongst others.


There is no shortage of tile trends to follow in 2019. However, my suggestion, choose to follow the wood-look, natural stone-look, terrazzo-look or marble-look to end up with a stellar design that is both durable and affordable.

Regardless of which tile trend you choose to follow, you’ll find a tile to match it right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We stock one of the large selections of tiles in Perth, and all our tiles are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, so no annoying waiting!

Start designing your new home or renovation today.