Tile Trends We’re Loving for 2020

Tile Trends We’re Loving for 2020

All you home renovators out there, this is the post I know you have all been dying to read. It’s finally here, my hot picks for this year’s tile trends, and who doesn’t love tiles! Tiles are the answer to everything. Need a durable flooring solution; choose tiles. Need a feature splashback, choose tiles. Need a feature wall, choose tiles! Moreover, compared to other materials, they are very affordable!

If you love tiles as much as I do (and that’s a lot), then continue reading as I share with you what’s hot in tiles right now. If you’re looking to design a kitchen, a bathroom, or tile an entire house, you will want to choose from the trends and tile below.

Black and White

Feature - Susan Black

Susan Black, $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)t

If you’re a sucker for the monochromatic colour palette, you’ll be jumping for joy to hear that black and white tiles are in because they are the perfect complement to a monochromatic design. The best thing about this trend is that it lends to so many design styles and colour palettes, not just monochromatic, and there are a wide variety of tiles to choose from – marble, terrazzo, mosaics etc. The result can be as minimalistic or creative as you like.

Get the look:

Looking to master the black and white trend in your home? Then check out the following tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Centre:

Art Deco Black Interlock – $30 per sheet
Susan Black – $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)
Luxello Black – $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)
Orleans Black – $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)


If you’re opposed to black and white, get a little creative by following one of this year’s colour trends. Trending in 2020 are rustic colours with warm tones and a relaxed feel – think pinks, oranges, blues, greens and even mustard; organic and nature-inspired shades are leading the way.

Also referred to as Neon Pastels, these colour tones offer a revitalising break from the grey and muted colour palettes that we have seen over the last few years. Moreover, they look great used collectively or can be used individually and paired with whites, greys or marble to create an elegant look.


Stone Porcelain Statuario

Stone Porcelain Statuario, $45 per square metre

Marble is one material that will always be in-trend, but this year, homeowners are going nuts for marble tiles. And why wouldn’t they; marble tiles are the epitome of luxe design – they are elegant, modern, tactile and now available in a smorgasbord of designs, shapes and sizes. We’re finding our large marble tiles are a hot choice for flooring throughout a home, while our small marble mosaics are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens.

If you can’t afford marble, don’t fret. Thanks to today’s amazing digital technologies, you can get some fantastic marble-look tiles that look just a good as the real thing and cost only a fraction of the price.

Get the look:

Looking to master the marble trend in your home? Then check out the following tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. These luxurious marble tiles are on sale from $80 per square metre!

Cream Stone – $45 per square metre
Lily Stone – $45 per square metre
Mink Grey – $45 per square metre

Can’t afford the real thing? No worries, we also have a vast range of marble-look tiles, including the following options:

Stone Porcelain Statuario – $45 per square metre
Imperial Snow – $45 per square metre
Imperial Satin – $45 per square metre

Retro Patterns

Cameron Grey Feature Wall Tile

Cameron Grey, $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)

I admit I am a sucker for patterns and in 2020, patterned tiles are taking it back to the ’30s and ’70s with some smashing Art Deco and retro designs. Taking the allure of the original eras but adding a modern spin, New Deco has emerged. The decorative patterned tiles are ideal for a feature wall, bathroom or kitchen splashback, and will add a fresh and spirited touch to any space.

Get the look:

Looking to master the retro pattern trend in your home? Then check out the following tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Centre:

Cameron-Grey – $3 per tile ($45 per square metre)
Venecia Gris – $50 per tile
Eclipse Day – $50 per tile

Textured Finishes

Charm Limra

Charm Limra Wave, $35 per square metre

One sure way to add depth, interest, and character to any space is by adding textures. And, now, you can add texture through your tile choice. The latest tile designs come in a magnitude of options, including those with textured finishes. Embossed, relief, natural stone, and 3D are just some of the textures you can find from tiles today.

Textured tiles are also a perfect kitchen splashback tile.

Get the look:

Looking to master the textured tile trend in your home? Then check out the following tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Centre:

Charm Limra Wave – $35 per square metre
Aged Wood White – $5 per tile
Gloss White Ripple – $35 per square metre
Foster Black – $40 per square metre
Loft (Grafito) – $20 per tile


Terazzo Charcoal

Terazzo Charcoal, $45 per square metre

Terrazzo was one of the top tile trends of 2019, and it’s sticking around in 2020 as well. If you don’t know what Terrazzo is, it is merely a composite material produced from chips of glass, granite, marble, stone,  etc., set in concrete. The result is quite stunning, and depending on the chips, the range of colours and designs can be very diverse.

Get the look:

Looking to master the Terrazo tile trend in your home? Then check out the following tiles from Ross’s Discount Home Centre, which are all $45 per square metre:

Terrazo White – $45 per square metre
Terrazo Grey – $45 per square metre
Terrazo Charcoal – $45 per square metre


There is really very little tiles cannot do or cannot be used for. They are so flexible in application and affordable that it is no wonder they are one of the most popular building materials of all time.

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your new kitchen, bathroom or flooring, then this year’s tile trends will surely provide the ‘inspo’ you seek. This year’s hottest trends are tipped to be black and white tiles, coloured tiles, marble tiles, retro patterned tiles, textures tiles, and terrazzo tiles. All of which, you will find in our range here at Ross’s Discount Home Center – the home of cheap tiles in Perth.

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