6 bathroom basins ideal for your bathroom renovation

bathroom basin

If you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, I suspect that you are considering replacing your old bathroom basins. A basin is the most used item in a bathroom and it should be highly practical and useful. Also, it is the standout feature of any bathroom. No doubt, if your basin is old and worn out, you’re thinking of getting it replaced.

According to Houzz.com.au’s August 2015 Houzz & Home report, 54% Australian homeowners spend over 6 months planning their bathroom renovation. This planning time only lengthens as homeowners get older. Whether you’re one of this 54 % or you want your new bathroom tomorrow, take note.

At Ross’s Home Discount Centre, we offer the highest quality bathroom basins at the lowest prices in Perth. We have over a million dollars in stock in our warehouse at any given time. If you want your basin today or in 6 months’ time, we’ll have one in stock and ready for your purchase.

Continue reading this article as I list out 6 of our sexiest bathroom basins. These bestselling items are loved by our customers. Take a look at them – I’m sure you’ll find one that matches your style and needs.

1. Alpha Wall/Pedestal Basin

Alpha Wall/Pedestal Basin
Alpha Wall/Pedestal Basin

If you’re looking for stylish and modern bathroom basins, our Alpha Wall/Pedestal Basin is just what you need. Featuring a single taphole, this round basin is made out of top grade vitreous china and measures 500x500mm. This unit includes a standard overflow, a towel rail, and wall brackets.

This basin can be used either as a pedestal mount, or with shrouds. The Alpha Wall/Pedestal Basin is available at our store for just $390.

2. Alice Junior

Alice Junior
Alice Junior

When it comes to elegant and compact bathroom basins, our Alice Junior cannot be beaten. Made out of vitreous china, this basin measures 450x415mm. The Alice Junior includes wall brackets and a standard overflow.

Alice Junior can be used as a pedestal or shroud basin. This great looking basin will cost you just $155, only at our store.

3. Heart Wall/Pedestal Basin

Pedestal Basin
Pedestal Basin

For bathroom basins that can be used as pedestal, shrouded or counter top mounted, choose our Heart Wall/Pedestal Basin. Measuring 500x410mm, this high quality basin is made of modern grade vitreous china.

This basin features an impressive bowl capacity of 6.5 litres and includes a 32mm waste outlet. Equipped with a standard overflow, the Heart Wall/Pedestal Basin will cost just $285 if you purchase from our store.

4. Quado Wall Basin

Quado Wall Basin
Quado Wall Basin

Our Quado Wall Basin is a rectangular basin which is very modern to look at. Featuring a generous bowl size, this basin comes complete with wall fixings and a standard overflow. This basin measures 550x460mm in dimensions.

This wall basin features a great bowl capacity of 7 litres and includes 1 taphole. The Quado Wall Basin is incredibly affordable too – priced at just $330 at Ross’s Discount Home Centre!

5. Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin

Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin
Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin

If you’re looking for unconventional, quirky, yet functional bathroom basins, go for our Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin. A highlight of this basin the handy platform shelf which is included at the top of the unit. Measuring 550x430mm in dimensions, this basin comes equipped with a 32mm waste outlet.

Featuring 1 taphole and a standard overflow, the Melise Wall/Pedestal Basin has a bowl capacity of 3 litres. This basin is light on your pockets too – available for just $260 at our store.

6. Olix Wall/Pedestal Basin

Olix Wall/Pedestal Basin
Olix Wall/Pedestal Basin

If you have a small bathroom and you’re considering compact, yet stylish bathroom basins, choose our Olix Wall/Pedestal Basin. Available in a contemporary, oval shaped design, this basin is highly stylish as well as practical. The basin also features a handy platform area where you can place your soap.

The Olix Wall/Pedestal basin measures 550x470mm and has a bowl capacity of 4.5 litres. This single taphole basin comes with a 32mm waste outlet as well. For such a stylish and modern basin, the Olix Wal/Pedestal basin will cost you just $385 – only at our store at Ross’s.


When it comes to finding perfect bathroom basins in Perth, you simply cannot go wrong in choosing Ross’s. Our warehouse is always chock full of stock and you’re sure to find a basin that suits your fancy.

Our bestselling bathroom basins include the Alpha Basin ($390), the Alice Junior ($155), the Heart Basin ($285), the Quado Basin ($330), the Melise Basin ($260) and the Olix Basin ($385). As you can see, all these basins are incredibly affordable. So drop by our showroom or buy from us online today!

To know more about our range of bathroom basins, please contact our experts. We’ll be glad to be of your service.

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