Choosing Wall Tiles

Wall tiles come in many different sizes, colours and patterns. It can be overwhelming when facing the task to choose the right wall tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or any other areas. We have put together some tips for you to use when choosing the right wall tiles for your project. Here they are in no particular order.

Neutral = Larger.

Always keep in mind that neutral colours and larger tiles can make a small room seem larger, as well as making it easier and quicker to lay and grout. Less grout means less cleaning needed.

For tidy look.

Consider the space you are trying to cover before you choose the wall tiles. For flat areas larger tiles provides a more tidy appearance. For small or curved areas mosaic tiles would be a good choice for their flexibility. Use specific wall tiles. Stick to tiles that are specifically made for walls. Tiles made for floors only are often too heavy to work on walls. Although there are some exceptions, most wall tiles are lighter to allow fixing easier.

Choose your grout wisely.

Darker grouts are preferred for kitchens, as they will hide stains from accidents such as grease splatters. Lighter grout is generally preferred for areas that are frequently cleaned and where lighter tiles are used, such as the shower. Of course also consider the colour scheme of both the tiles and the area in general.

Accentuate your style.

Combine rectangular wall tiles with strips of glass or marble mosaics to complement the colour of the furniture or fitting and provides a subtle accent. Little splashes of colour here and there will bring a whole new dimension to the look of your room. However, try to use sparingly to keep the clutter to minimum. In saying that, a feature wall on one side of your room could be using a whole different material and colour for a different feel.

Create space.

Using white wall tiles, as opposed to colour or pattern tiles, can generate illusion of space as your eyes are not constraint to focus on a pattern or specific colour. So for smaller rooms, consider using white or other colour as light as possible so the room will seem bigger than it is.

Easier to clean.

Cover more areas in the kitchen wall with wall tiles as they are not only useful for keeping water away but also easy to clean and are a great way to add style to your kitchen. Generally speaking, tiles are easier to clean than painted concrete or timber.

Modern or soft.

Rectified tiles add modern feel to a room, while cushioned edge wall tiles soften the look of the room. Rectified edges are when the tiles cut to exact sizes allowing the tiles to be laid closely. The other advantage of rectified tiles is there will be less grout for dirt and grime to stick on, which means less cleaning required.

Of course, whatever wall tiles you choose, always make sure they are of good quality.

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