The quality of Kitchen cabinets lies in the manufacturing and assembly. To determine if they are manufactured to a high level of standard, they must be made from quality materials – materials that will provide longevity in a kitchen environment.

High-quality kitchen cabinets are made from HMR board, which stands for Highly Moisture Resistant. The board itself can be chipboard or MDF, which stands for medium-density fibreboard. What makes the board HMR is the resin applied to it, giving it extra moisture resistance.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, all our kitchen cabinets (and vanities) are made from HMR board. The carcases are made from HMR Melamine board and the doors from HMR MDF board. We coat our doors with two layers of topcoat followed by two layers of 2 pack epoxy,  which is baked in an oven between coats to dry.

The assembly of kitchen cabinets also plays a role in quality. Factory assembled kitchen cabinets – such as our range of kitchen cabinets – are built by professional with the right tools to ensure the greatest level of stability. On the other hand, flat-pack kitchens are assembled by non-professionals who may not have the correct tools to produce a robust cabinet.

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