The easiest way to ensure longevity from your kitchen design is to go against any passing trends. Shy away from coloured or textured kitchen cabinets which are likely to go out of fashion in 5-years time. Instead, choose white kitchen cabinets, such as those offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

White kitchens have proven to last the test of time and are the only kitchen cabinet colour that looks as modern today as it did 20 years ago.

Additionally, opt for doors with a pain (modern) profile over tending profiles such as the Hamptons look, which is very popular today, but it may not be in the future. Like white cabinets, doors with a plain profile are ageless and will always look current.

Lastly, consider choosing a safe kitchen benchtop design. Loud, bright, and busy patterned benchtop designs are likely to date quickly. Opt for timeless designs such as any natural ‘stone-look’ design (such as Calacutta marble) or any plain benchtop in neutral tones. You will find many ageless benchtop designs in our Laminate benchtop and stone benchtop ranges.