A toilet’s quality can be determined by the material it is made from, the internals used, it is WELS rating and whether it is WaterMark approved.

In terms of material, porcelain is the best; however, vitreous China is a close second, and it cannot be beaten in terms of value for money. The internal parts of a toilet determine how well it operates and the longevity offered. Look for R&T or Geberit Internals to ensure quality.

Every toilet is given a WELS rating which stands for Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard. The WELS rating is a rating of up to 6 stars that measures water consumption. The less water used, the higher the rating.

Finally, the WaterMark approval ensures a product is fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. This helps filter cheap Chinese imports from the real deal!

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