10 Splashback Tiles to consider for your Kitchen Renovation

splashback tiles

If you’re looking to update your kitchen splashback, then it seems you’re not alone.

According to Houzz’s 2016 US Kitchen Study, a new splashback (88%) was one of the top kitchen upgrade features among renovating homeowners behind sinks and taps (89%) and countertops (93%).  Furthermore, their 2013 Kitchen Study listed the top choices for splashbacks and tiles was the clear winner (50%) followed by other materials including glass, countertop material, granite, marble, paint, stone slab and stainless steel.

Continue reading this article as I first explain why splashback tiles are so popular, before I list 10 of the best splashback tiles in Perth you can consider for your kitchen renovation.

Why Splashback Tiles Are Great

While glass and acrylic splashbacks dominated the kitchen for many years, splashback tiles are now the latest trend in Perth. Not surprisingly, they also amongst the most sought products by customers here at Ross’s. This is because splashback tiles help add texture and facilitate movement and they are rapidly replacing the use of glass in kitchens. These tiles are available in geometric patterns, glazed tiles and handmade irregular cut shapes and they bring about an organic influence in the kitchen.

How to Choose Splashback Tiles

I suggest that you choose your splashback tiles based on the design of your kitchen benchtop. Given that splashback tiles in Perth are available in a variety of colours and materials, it should be easy to find tiles to depict the look you want to achieve.

Stainless steel, mosaic, glass and pressed metal are the most popular types of splashback tiles to choose from. Pressed metal offers a traditional look while glass offers a more contemporary look.

When selecting colour of tiles, choose colours that are either similar to your kitchen benchtop for a uniform appearance, or go for complementary or contrasting colours if you’d like to be a little bold. If you’re really adventurous, you can also try featured splashback tiles, like the range listed below, which will become the highlight of your kitchen.

Let’s now look at 10 of the most popular splashback tiles in Perth that are also available at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.  With a little luck, you’ll find one that is a perfect match to your kitchen design.

1. Charm Limra Wave

Charm Limra Wave

Charm Limra Wave

Featuring a structured wave finish, the Charm Limra Wave is an elegant splashback tile design which will certainly go well with your kitchen interiors. Available in a glossy finish, these tiles will cost you only $35 per square metre.

2. Charm Limra Checker

Charm Limra Checker

Charm Limra Checker

Available in a unique structured checkered pattern, the Charm Limra Checker is a feature wall tile which looks stylish to say the least. Featuring a glossy finish, these tiles will cost you only $35 per square metre.

3. Charm Shell Checker

Charm Shell Checker

Charm Shell Checker

Of many different types of splashback tiles, the Charm Shell Checker is an incredibly stylish design. Featured in a glossy structured checkered pattern, these tiles start at only $35 per square metre.

4. Frame Blanco

Frame Blanco

If you’re looking for a modern white splashback tile, then you should choose Frame Blanco, which features a three dimentional finish. These tiles are sold at $34 per tile and measure 33×33 cm.

5. Glen Nero

Glen Nero

The Glen Nero is an affordable feature wall tile which is available in a classy structured wave pattern in dark black. These glossy tiles are available at only $8 per tile measuring 30x60cm.

6. Golden Spring Glass Tile

Golden Spring Glass Tile

If you’re after a grand look, then the sophisticated Golden Spring Glass Tile splashback tiles featuring silver and gold damasks are perfect for you. These patterned tiles are sold per piece for $96 for a tile measuring 30x60cm.

7. Al-Andalus



The Al-Andalus is a set of two wall deco tiles that present rich finishes with raw materials on the surface. These hydraulic tiles are available in red and grey tonalities and are sold as a set of two for $174, with each tile measuring 25x75cm.

8. Denim Dark

Denim Darkm

Denim Darkm

Those of you who want a rugged and raw look in the kitchen should check out our amazing Denim Dark splashback tiles which feature small, patterned denim squares. These feature wall tiles are available for $35 per square metre.

9. Black Keops

Black Keops

Black Keops

For a bold and classy look, the Black Keops mosaic tiles are what you need. Available in an array of textures in black, white, grey and purple ceramic as well as metallic gold finishes. These tiles measure 30x60cm and are sold at $80 per piece.

10. Cosmopolitan Blanco Brillo

Cosmopolitan Blanco Brillo

Cosmopolitan Blanco Brillo

The Cosmopolitan Blanco Brillo tiles feature an elegant glossy white finish and can be combined with many different types of décor. These tiles are sold at $80 per piece for a tile measuring 25x75cm.


Gone are the days when traditional glass and simple ceramic tiles would rule the kitchen. Splashback tiles in Perth are the latest trend, especially when it comes to DIY kitchen renovations. These feature tiles offer a unique textured appearance and are certainly fashionable and attractive to look at.

Splashback tiles are made out of a variety of materials including pressed metal, glass, mosaic and stainless steel and are available in many colours for you to choose from. When you go about selecting splashback tiles for your kitchen, make sure to choose colours and patterns that complement your benchtop.

When it comes to finding quality splashback tiles in Perth at affordable prices, you can find no better retailer than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a huge warehouse which is always chock full of all types of home renovation products, including a wide array of splashback tiles.

Some of the most popular splashback tiles that are currently featured on our store include Charm Limra Wave, Charm Limra Checker, Charm Shell Checker, Alea Grey, Glen Nero, Anastasia, Al-Andalus, Denim Dark, Black Keops and Cosmopolitan Blanco Brillo, among many others.

Buy splashback tiles from Ross’s and you’ll certainly be mighty pleased with your purchase. If you have any questions regarding splashback tiles in Perth or any of the other products that we keep in stock, please feel free to get in touch with us.