5 benefits of carpet tiles

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Of the many available flooring options, carpet tiles are certainly gaining a lot of popularity – especially with our clients here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have received an increasing number of customers looking for carpet tiles in Perth and it seems that the increased awareness of this flexible flooring option isn’t restricted to only our customers.

If you’ve only just come across carpet tiles in Perth, then unfortunately you’ve been missing out. People all over the world are beginning to see the benefits offered by this wonderful flooring solution. In fact, according to market research company Koncept Analytics, the global tile market has grown significantly since 2006, with Australia and New Zealand being the second largest region in global commercial tile penetration.

As the head of purchasing, customers often ask me about the benefits that carpet tiles. Carpet tiles certainly are an attractive and a practical flooring option and they offer many benefits over other types of flooring. Continue reading as I list out 5 of the main benefits of carpet tiles.

1. Easy to install

Of the different types of customers looking for carpet tiles in Perth, many are DIY enthusiasts who simply love the effortlessness that they offer. Indeed, carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install and they require no professional help whatsoever. The great thing about carpet tiles is that they don’t need to be glued nor do they require any underlay – they can simply be placed on top of vinyl or concrete surfaces and adhered with tape. Moreover, customers love the fact that they can be installed around existing furniture, without having to clear out the entire room. The ease of installation carpet tiles offer is certainly the number one benefit that they have to offer.

2. Low maintenance

Some customers are apprehensive about carpet tiles and will ask questions about the maintenance aspects of these tiles. I’m always more than happy to explain to them that these tiles require very low maintenance. Even in high traffic areas, carpet tiles are easy to maintain. As they are not glued down, they can be lifted and rotated around if they are experiencing wear and tear. A tile can also be taken out, cleaned and put back into place without any hassles. Regular vacuuming is all that is required to keep carpet tiles looking new. For the inevitable spill, the affected area can simply be treated with a mild detergent or an absorbent sponge.

3. Better design flexibility

The design flexibility offered by carpet tiles is unmatched, which is another reason why our Perth customers often tend to gravitate towards these tiles. We offer them in a range of designs and colour options also, so you can even mix and match tiles to indicate different living spaces if you like. Carpet tiles are also small in size – typically smaller than 1 square meter and can be installed on a quarter turn basis. Given that an entire flooring area need not be covered with the same tile design, you can really get creative and install tiles as per your fancy.

4. Easy to repair

If there’s one thing to be mindful of with standard ceramic or porcelain tiles, it’s that they have the tendency to chip or break easily, which isn’t only a nightmare to replace but can also become very expensive task. As I mentioned earlier, carpet tiles are not glued down, therefore they are super easy to repair. If you find that a particular tile or an area of tiles is damaged, you can simply lift those tiles and replace them with new ones, without having to redo the entire flooring space. Best of all, you can simply order more from our website and they will be shipped to your door in 1-2 business days – Perth Metro deliver is free, which is an added bonus!

5. Cost effective

Finally, the last benefit – and if you ask our customers, possibly the biggest benefit – is their cost effectiveness. Carpet tiles in Perth are becoming more popular because there are no added costs. There is no underlying adhesives or glue, plus they produce much less waste than any other types of flooring. Due to the ease of installation, tiles can be installed DIY and you can save up both on time and money. Damages to specific areas can be dealt with by replacing tiles only in that particular section, without redoing the entire area. 

If you’re looking for durable and high-quality carpet tiles in Perth, then you’ve come to the right place. Drop by our showroom in Guildford, Perth to take a look at the tiles we have on offer. Alternatively, you can also browse through our online store to check out our collection of carpet tiles. We keep our warehouse well stocked, so if you choose to buy from us, your carpet tiles will be ready to install. Moreover, we offer tiles at incredibly competitive prices, starting from just $30 per square meter.


Make your home a much more attractive space by installing carpet tiles. They are easy to install, require low maintenance, offer you more flexibility and are easier to repair as compared to any other flooring option. Moreover, carpet tiles are incredibly cost effective and you can really get creative with the design process.

If you can see the benefits and are ready to purchase carpet tiles in Perth, head to Ross’s for great prices on our carpet tile range. For further savings, you may consider installing the tiles yourself. Also, do take some time to watch this instructional video, which offers easy to follow installation tips which will assist you in your endeavours.

To find out more about carpet tiles in Perth, give us a call at Ross’s. Our knowledgeable salesmen will be happy to help you out with your queries.

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