Follow the Black Bathroom Trend with These Products

Follow the Black Bathroom Trend with These Products

When it comes to saving money on a renovation, your best option is a DIY renovation. I know I, myself, have done many. And, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we work with homeowners undergoing DIY renovations – especially bathroom renovations – every day. While much of a bathroom renovation is about the renovation itself, before you can start the renovation, you have to first complete the design element.

The Houzz & Home ‘Overview of Home Renovation in 2017 and 2018’ report found that 7% of renovators choose to hire a bathroom designer or renovator for their renovations. But here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we’re all about saving your money. And this is why we do this blog. One sure way to design a killer bathroom is to follow trends. One of the biggest trends around is the black bathroom trend. Black is a great tend to follow and works with almost any colour scheme – you really can’t go wrong with it.

So today, I will showcase some of our bathroom products that’ll help you design an amazing black bathroom for a DIY bathroom renovation.


Bathroom vanities are usually the focal point of a bathroom and can help define the overall look, feel and functionality of your space.

To follow the black bathroom trend, why not consider the Michelle Vanity, which features a stunning matte black finish and a contrasting white top. It is the perfect blend of practicality and style. And trust me; it will help you design the black bathroom of your dreams!

Complement this stylish vanity by choosing the Cube Basin Mixer, which comes in a classy and durable satin black finish.


Continue the black trend with the Rio Black & White Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath. Featuring a matte black exterior and an ultra-modern design, this freestanding bath will allow you to create a brilliant bathroom that is right on trend.

Complete the look with the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer. It features a durable matte black finish and will add both style and functionality to your bathroom.


No black bathroom is complete without fashionable matt black tapware. For this, consider the Cube range of shower accessories at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Featuring a stunning satin black finish, our Cube range of shower accessories will perfectly complement this design trend. Choose our Cube Shower Mixer, our Cube Shower Head and our Square Hi-Rise Shower Arm to complete your shower set.


Add if you’re looking to go all out in the black scheme, then the Black Cube Wall Faced Toilet Suite is a must-have item. The toilet suite has a sexy black finish and a contoured stylish design. It is cleverly designed to suit bathrooms of all sizes, so you can’t go wrong in choosing it!

Black cube curved toilet suite
Black Cube Wall Faced Toilet Suite


While a black toilet may be a little much for your likings, one of the safest ways to stay on trend is with your tile choice. Choosing black tiles for your bathroom floors and walls will allow you to design a modern and trendy space that is sophisticated and not over-bearing.

The Saturn Nero porcelain tile is an excellent choice for black bathrooms. It features a minimalistic design and comes in both a floor tile and wall tile. You can create a seamless look by using the same tile all over your floors and walls, or you can use Saturn Nero in conjunction with a feature tile like Moonlight Mosaic to create a contrasting feature on your bathroom walls.


If there’s one easy way to design a stylish bathroom for a DIY renovation, it is by following the latest bathroom trends. The black bathroom is one of the hottest trends in the world right now and is highly sought after by our customers.

To create your own black bathroom, you need not look any further than us here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have everything you need to follow – and master – this trend.

For a black vanity, choose our Michelle Vanity and complete the vanity unit with our Cube Basin Mixer. Choose our Rio Black & White Back to the Wall Freestanding Bath and complement it with our Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer. For black shower accessories, consider our Cube Shower Mixer, Cube Shower Head and Square Hi-Rise Shower Arm. Our Black Cube Wall Faced Toilet Suite is an excellent choice for a stunning black toilet. And, for black bathroom floor tiles, choose our Saturn Nero porcelain tile and our Moonlight Mosaic for black feature wall tiles.

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