5 Tips for Designing a Contemporary Bathroom in 2019

5 Tips for Designing a Contemporary Bathroom in 2019

Designing a bathroom can be an incredibly enjoyable project. However, if you’re not a designer or a seasoned renovator, designing a bathroom can also be incredibly challenging.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has helped design countless bathrooms in Perth, supplying everything from the tiles and grout through to the vanity, shower, bath, toilet and even tapware. We have to have our fingers on the pulse in terms of contemporary bathroom designs to be able to recommend products to our customers, and of course, have extensive knowledge in how to design a bathroom also.

Today, I will share my knowledge with you by providing five of my best tips for designing a contemporary bathroom in 2019. I’ll also throw in some product suggestions to help you create the look for yourself.

1) Choose shaped or patterned tiles

bathroom tiles

My first tip to help you create a contemporary bathroom is to choose shaped or patterned tiles in your design.

One of the biggest bathroom tile trends of 2019 is fish scaled tiles – while they are a little more expensive than standard wall tiles, they will set the tone for a contemporary bathroom. Plus, they complement a range of design styles, as we have seen with our customer’s bathrooms in Perth. Herringbone tiles are another trending tile choice that is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and also laundries.

While the fish scale and herringbone tiles are generally the one colour or pattern-less, patterned tiles are also trending at the moment and will ensure your bathroom design is modern. Terrazzo is one tile pattern that has made a comeback in 2019, and it offers fantastic flexibility with unlimited colour options available. Aside from terrazzo, textured and 3D pattern tiles are also incredibly fashionable of late. Installing such a tile to your bathroom walls can create a nice contrast.

Recommendations for shaped tiles:

Recommendations for patterned tiles:

2) Consider matt black fittings & tapware

matt black fittings

My second tip is to incorporate matt black fittings and tapware into your bathroom design. There is no denying that matt black anything is incredibly sexy. If your dream bathroom design consists of dark monotones, then matt black tapware is the perfect pairing. Even if you have a crisp white design, the addition of matt black tapware offers a refreshing contrast.

Matt black fittings and tapware offers a great range of design flexibility as they complement an array of colour schemes. Whether you use it as your design starting point of the finishing touches, it lends well to just about any contemporary style without stealing the show.

Using matt black fittings & tapware has become so incredibly popular in bathrooms in Perth that we couldn’t help but take notice. We now stock a great range of tapware that is ideal for contemporary bathroom designs.

Recommendations for matt black fittings & tapware:

3) Work in natural materials

Natural materials

My third tip for designing a contemporary bathroom in 2019 is to work natural elements into the design. How little or how much you incorporate and how completely depend on your personal taste.

Some ideas to consider include man-made stone elements in the form of basins or tiles. These tend to be more popular with bathrooms in Perth than wood elements at the moment. Coloured marble is very much trending and you don’t have to include this in your design. A more budget approach would be to purchase marble accessories like soap dishes etc. Terrazzo also fits into this tip, so by choosing terrazzo tiles from my first tip, you will have both bases covered.

If you prefer wood to stone, then you have plenty of options also. Wood sets a warm neutral tone and we’re seeing more and more bathrooms in Perth incorporate wood into their bathroom design. Wooden vanities have become very popular, especially those that feature a light wood grain. Wooden feature walls are also commonly featured in contemporary bathrooms of 2019, as too are wooden floors, believe it or not. Wood shouldn’t be overlooked in a bathroom or wet room because you think it isn’t a suitable material. It actually breaths well and will absorb moisture naturally, but excess water should be wiped away to avoid discolouration of the wood. However, if you’re not up for the increased maintenance, you can get a wood-like effect by choosing a wood-look tile; these are perfectly suited to bathrooms and wet rooms and require very little maintenance.

Recommendations for natural materials:

4) Choose rounded fixtures

rounded fixtures

My fourth tip for designing a contemporary bathroom in 2019 is to choose rounded fixtures. In past years, square-set fixtures really made its mark, but this year, it’s all about smooth circular shapes and rounded edges.

Therefore, consider installing circular vessel basins, rounded toilet suite designs and if you’re going for a lux bathroom, an oval shape freestanding bath. Ross’s Discount Home Centre has plenty of bathroom products to help you with this tip.

Recommendations for rounded fixtures:

5) Include a wet room

Shower Enclosures

My final tip will ensure your bathroom is a contemporary one, and that is to include a wet room in your design. Now, this is only possible if you have a large space to work with. However, if you do, the addition of a separate wet room will instantly make your bathroom uber-modern.

Japanese inspired, wet rooms make bathrooms appear more open and spacious than they actually are. You don’t have to have a separate ‘room’ to include a wet room in your bathroom either; the addition of a shower panel is often all you need to section the bathing area of a bathroom away for your vanity and toilet.

Recommendations for a wet room:


Designing a contemporary bathroom in 2019 is easy if you follow my top five tips. These tips are – choose shaped or patterned tiles, consider matt black fittings & tapware, include natural materials such as stone, marble, terrazzo or wood, choose rounded basins, freestanding baths and other fixtures and lastly, include a wet room or a wet area of your bathroom if you have enough space.

When it comes time to shop for products to fit out your new bathroom, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you covered. We have everything you need to complete your entire bathroom all in stock, at affordable prices and all under the one roof! Best of all, if you shop online, we will deliver all your products to any Perth Metro address absolutely free of charge.

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