If you are installing a pre-assembled kitchen from Ross’s Discount Home Centre, the process is very simple.

  1. Unpack each cabinet from its box and remove the protective plastic wrapping.
  2. Starting with the base cabinets, move each cabinet into its correct position.
  3. Fix each cabinet together, and then fix the cabinets to the wall with the supplied fixtures and wall brackets.
  4. Install the benchtops to the base cabinets
  5. Place any other base cabinets such as pantries etc. into position and then repeat step 3
  6. Install door and drawer handles
  7. Bring in the wall cabinets and install them one by one, starting at the end that buds into a wall. Repeat step 3 and 6.

We have created an installation video to show just how easy it is to install a pre-assembled kitchen from Ross’s Discount Home Centre: