The best bath depends on your plumbing, bathroom size and budget.

If you are doing a cheap bathroom renovation, or have a small bathroom, then an insert bath would be the better choice as it is significantly cheaper and take up less space than free standing baths. Also, if your existing bath is located against a wall or in a corner, an insert bath is a good choice. A Back To The Wall Freestanding bath is another good choice for this scenario also. However, they cost a lot more but are far superior in style.

If you are designing a new bathroom, are able to move plumbing, or looking to create the most contemporary bathroom, then a free standing bath is the best choice. However, they do take up more room and are therefore best suited to larger bathrooms.

Free standing baths are the most modern type of bath and will add significant value and buyer interest when it comes time to sell your home.

You will find both free standing baths and insert bath in our Baths category.