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How to Choose a Rangehood

A rangehood is required to keep a kitchen free of grease, steam, and cooking fumes. However, they don’t always compliment a kitchen’s design. They can often be intrusive and overpowering, which is why, when choosing a rangehood, you should consider how it will affect the overall kitchen design.

Rangehoods are highly functional and can create a real focal point for any kitchen design. But, they can also become a real eye-sore if due consideration isn’t taken in the selection process. The design is important, but so too is the size, features, and price of a rangehood.

Types of Rangehoods

Rangehoods come in a variety of types, namely undermount rangehoods, slide-out rangehoods, fixed rangehoods, and canopy rangehoods. For the most part, the best type of rangehood depends on your kitchen design.

If you want your rangehood to be a focal point, opt for a canopy rangehood.

If you would rather hide your rangehood, so it’s purely there to serve a function, consider either an undermount rangehood or a slide-out rangehood.

If you’re merely looking for the cheapest rangehood and don’t care for how it impacts your kitchen’s design, go with a fixed rangehood.

Rangehood Size

A rangehood’s size matters. Biggest isn’t better, but your rangehood should cover the cooktop area to ensure all steam and smoke is extracted. As a rule of thumb, a rangehood should match a cooktop in width.

If you have a 60cm cooktop, opt for a 60cm rangehood. If you have a 90cm cooktop, then a 90cm cooktop would be a preferable choice.

Rangehood Features

Aside from type, features should be another criterion when choosing a rangehood. Compare extraction rates, and also look for the following attributes: a smooth underside, aluminium mesh filters (removable/washable, preferred), two or more halogen lights, easy to access controls, a low decibel rating, and a minimum 2-year warranty.

Rangehood Prices

Rangehood prices vary depending on the type, size, and quality. Rangehoods can be as cheap as $150, or they can set you back over $2000. It really comes down to value for money. Consider how big or little a role your rangehood will play in your kitchen design to choose the type, and then look at the required size.

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