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Marengo is simplicity in its most refined form. With a muted grey background and a very faint splotched pattern, this stone benchtop will provide contrast to a light kitchen and add another layer of interest to a monochromatic kitchen.

Marengo is available in two slab sizes; 140 x 306 cm and 158 x 320 cm, three thicknesses; 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm, and various finishes including Polished, Volcano and Suede, with N-Boost options available for Polished and Suede.

Marengo is a design in the Silestone collection. Silestone is an engineered stone made from 94% natural quartz, which is tougher than granite. It’s impact-resistant,  stain-resistant, acid-resistant, and scratch-resistant, and comes with an impressive 25-year warranty.

For dark grey benchtops in Perth, consider Marengo from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s stone benchtop range. Contact us today to place a Special Order on this product.