Rolling Door & Return Shower Stainless Steel Brushed Finish

$1,260.00$1,320.00 inc.GST

8mm glass Pure-view glass
Black finish, 304 stainless steel frame
2m high
Fully reversible
Wet room or tray
AllClear as standard
AllClear Coating




Elevate your bathroom to a realm of contemporary elegance with the Rolling Door & Return Shower Stainless Steel Brushed Finish, a sophisticated choice from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s range of shower screens in Perth. This shower screen is not just a functional addition; it’s a bold statement piece that maximises space and adds modern flair.

Crafted with 8mm toughened Pure-view glass, renowned for its high quality and low iron content, this shower screen offers minimal tint and crystal-clear visibility. The sleek brushed stainless steel finish, complemented by a durable 304 stainless steel frame, melds durability with style, making it a perfect fit for any modern bathroom.

Featuring an AllClear coating, the glass repels soap scum and grime, ensuring the shower screen maintains its pristine appearance with minimal effort. Available in two sizes – 90cm and 100cm, with a height of 2 meters – it caters to various bathroom sizes.

Designed with space maximisation in mind, the door slides inside the shower, ideal for tight spaces and enhancing the opening width. The fully reversible door allows for flexible installation on either the left or right-hand side, accommodating different bathroom layouts.

Suitable for installation over tiles and shower trays, this shower screen offers versatility in bathroom setups. Manufactured by Alpine Bathrooms, it is backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring both quality and longevity.

Available for purchase at Ross’s Discount Home Centre with the convenience of delivery to Perth Metro areas, this shower screen is also wet room compatible, adding to its adaptability. Choose the Rolling Door & Return Shower Stainless Steel Brushed Finish to modernise your space with stylish, functional, and adaptable shower screens in Perth.

Read ‘The Ultimate Shower Screen Buying Guide‘ and ‘Pivot Door vs Normal Hinge? Which is Best?’ for help choosing your shower screen.


  • 8mm glass Pure-view glass
  • Brushed Stainless Steel finish, 304 stainless steel frame
  • 2m high
  • Fully reversible
  • Tiled floor or shower base
  • AllClear as standard


  • 90 x 90cm Min-Max 860-880mm x 2000H mm
  • 100 x 100cm Min-Max 960-990mm x 2000H mm

5-year warranty

Don’t forget to purchase new shower tapware and a floor waste to go with your new shower!

Shower Screen Adjustment Sizes

Rolling Door & Return


Standard Size (mm) Adjustment (mm) Height


900 860-880


HWLCP100SS 1000 960-998


PureVue HD

Brilliantly new. Clearly you

The revolutionary introduction of PureVueHD glass at no extra cost, on every single product in our Cannes  Collections, brings a clear edge to your bathroom.

PureVueHD is a high quality, optically superior ‘low-iron’ glass.

In standard glass, its iron-oxide content shows itself as a green tinge that’s most apparent when you view the edge of the glass, but which also affects and tints everything seen through it.

PureVueHD, by comparison, is dramatically clearer. The reduced iron content reduces the greenish hue to zero levels. Practically tint free, it enables the natural beauty of anything seen through the glass to shine through.

For the first time, it brings to your bathroom the natural colours, sharpness and enhanced clarity that high definition TV brings to your living room.

Clearly superior

Very high transmission levels enable as much light as possible to pass through, making everything lighter and brighter.

From your carefully chosen bathroom tiling and décor to fittings and accessories, you will see a purer vision of everything but the glass, which almost disappears. And the thicker the glass, the stronger the greening effect of iron-oxide becomes, so the greater the difference PureVueHD can make.

Combined with our advanced AllClear coating it gives every Lakes enclosure, walk-in and bath screen a very clear edge*.

PureVueHD glass

Low Iron

Standard float or green glass

Standard Float

Nice PureVue

Superior as standard

You might expect such a dramatic advance to cost more and typically low-iron glass can cost up to 50% more than standard glass.

However, by being true to our promise to offer every customer of Lakes ‘superior as standard’, and by integrating PureVueHD across the range in our own high-efficiency production facility, we are able to bring you additional clarity without any additional cost.

Exceptionally clear and exceptional value – see your bathroom in its true colours with PureVueHD, exclusively from Lakes Bathrooms.


Screens, Doors and Panels 5 Years Repair, Replacement parts or complete product
Lakes Bathroom Products Life Time Life Time replacement parts or complete product.
This does not include any parts that are subject to wear and tear such as wheels and rubber.
Screen Installation Please use an experienced installer. Screens that are not installed by a professional will not be replaced. Screens that are damaged or broken during installation will not be covered.



Australian Standards AS/NZS

Australian/NewZealand Standard – Safety glazing materials in buildings

Shower screens and doors must comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1288 and 2208 and be made of Grade A toughened glass or Grade B wired glass. The minimum thickness of framed toughened glass (Grade A) is 4mm. The minimum thickness of partly framed and frameless toughened glass is 6mm. However, toughened glass has been known to break into small blunt cube-like granules when a small chip of the glass disturbs the surface tension causing it to burst inward. This can be minimised by drying hinges on shower screens after each use, or cleaning them weekly with a mild soap solution, rinsing, and drying. Do not use abrasive cleaners of any kind on hinges and other hardware. Keep glass clean to prevent mineral deposits.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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