A Sure-fire Sliding Wardrobe Door Buying Guide

A Sure-fire Sliding Wardrobe Door Buying Guide

Storage is one of the most important considerations when designing a home. Clothes, linen, shoes, Christmas decorations and other household items need to be stored away – out of sight, yet easily accessible. One of the storage solutions for such items is undoubtedly a wardrobe or cupboard.

Wardrobes are present in every home and they play a vital role in providing storage to items and organisation to a home. However, when it comes to the ‘out of sight, yet easily accessible’ aspect, there is no better wardrobe door option than sliding wardrobe doors.

Sliding wardrobe doors are by far the most popular choice of wardrobe door with our customers here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. They are affordable, space saving and offer a range of designs and styles to complement your existing décor. Moreover, they can be multi-functional as well.

So, if you’re looking for sliding wardrobe doors in Perth, then this is a timely article for you. Continue reading as I provide a sure-fire guide to buying sliding wardrobe doors in Perth.

Consider the location

First, consider where you need the sliding wardrobe doors to be installed and what size they need to be. Get exact measurements of the wardrobe framework. This will tell you if you need custom made doors or if they are standard measurements.

Take your monuments into our Special Orders team at Ross’s Discount Home Centre and they will be able to determine if you need sliding wardrobe doors cut to fit or if they are standard sizes.

Consider the design

Sliding wardrobe doors are no longer the boring solid panels you probably had in your home growing up. Today, they are available in an array of designs; from contemporary to classic.

Consider the design of your home or the room when the doors will be installed and choose a door design that will match. Think about the colour – what colours complement each other and pair light shades with dark shades.

Contemporary sliding doors

Contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are best suited for modern homes. They are minimalistic in their design and feature clean lines. They often combine various materials such as mirror, glass and wood-effects.

Classic sliding doors

Contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are best suited for traditional homes. They are classic in design and offer a level of sophistication. They are generally made from the one material, such as wood, full-length mirror, or PVC panel.

Consider the type

As with the design, sliding wardrobe doors are available in many different types, and can be made from many different materials including wood, glass, mirror, and PVC panels, just to name a few.

Mirrored sliding doors

Mirrored sliding doors are incredibly popular as they provide multiple functions. Aside from keeping storage items out of sight, they offer a mirror and make a room appear larger. Having one panel as a mirror and another panel in a different material is also a popular option.

Consider the accessories

You will need additional accessories to install complete sliding wardrobe doors. Such accessories will include a rail for the doors to slide on, fascia strips, end fillets, end panels, fixing blocks and spacer blocks and opening height reducers.


Every home needs some form of wardrobe or cupboard for storage and organisation. There are various door options available; however, the most popular wardrobe doors in Perth are sliding wardrobe doors.

To choose the perfect sliding wardrobe doors for your needs, consider the following; where will the doors be installed? What size doors do you require? What design style do you want – contemporary or classic? What material do you want the doors to be made from? What accessories do you need to complete the doors?

If you have a fair idea of what you now need to look for when shopping for sliding wardrobe doors in Perth, then come in and see the team at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer sliding wardrobe doors as Special Order items and will be more than happy to show you through our options.

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