Ultra-Modern Freestanding Bath Mixers for a Contemporary Bathroom


Are you looking to create an ultra-modern bathroom? If you are, then you’ve probably given thought to how you’ll design the space, including the colour schemes and the overall style. There’s also a good chance that you’ve considered including a freestanding bath in your space.

While a freestanding bath will certainly make your bathroom appear more contemporary, nothing quite completes the space like the addition of a freestanding bath mixer. A freestanding bath mixer will add a luxury touch, which any contemporary bathroom in 2018 needs.

With this in mind, here are some gorgeous freestanding bath mixers offered in Ross’s Discount Home Centre bath tapware range. Any of these bath mixers will give your bathroom that extra ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for.

Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer

Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer
Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer

The Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer will certainly add a contemporary touch to any bathroom. It is available in a choice of chrome, matte black and bronze finish options, to meet your design needs. Thanks to the choice of finish options, you can pair this mixer with a variety of contemporary design ideas and colour schemes.

The Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer also offers great functionality. By installing this mixer alongside your freestanding bath, you will create the designer look that you often only see in the pages of home decorating magazines.

This freestanding bath mixer puts quality at its forefront. It is manufactured using solid brass and is equipped with a zinc handle, which allows for easy operation. Each choice of finish is specially treated for added durability, and won’t wear off with time.

Trust that this freestanding bath mixer offers the perfect blend of looks, functionality and reliability. You won’t go wrong in including it in your contemporary bathroom design.

Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower

Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower
Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower

If you’re looking to create a contemporary bathroom that prioritises comfort and luxury, you won’t find anything better than the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower.

This super-modern freestanding bath mixer is available in a choice of two gorgeous finish options – chrome and Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer. Both finishes look incredibly sleek and modern. Whether you’re looking to create a minimalistic bathroom or a glamorous one, this versatile bath mixer will allow you to do either!

With a built-in hand shower, the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower offers the best in practicality. Whether you want to simply soak in your bath or use the hand shower to give yourself a good clean, this mixer allows you to do both. This will certainly provide a bathing experience like none other and of course, add that extra level of luxury that you’re seeking from your bathroom.

As with all freestanding bath mixers offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre, the Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower exhibits superior quality. It is manufactured to the finest standards of quality and features full brass construction, a zinc handle and a stainless-steel shower hose. This freestanding bath mixer offers superior reliability and exceptional functionality. And, it’s ultra-modern looks will also do well to transform your bathroom into a very contemporary space.


If you’re looking to add an ultra-modern touch to your contemporary bathroom, consider installing a freestanding bath mixer from our bath tapware range. Not only are freestanding bath mixers extremely modern in their design, but they will also add a touch of functionality to your space.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers some wonderful freestanding bath mixers, which can be purchased from our online store or showroom in Guildford. Take a look at our range of Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer and Fiona Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Shower. These freestanding bath mixers come in various finish options, and they feature sleek and modern designs. Our freestanding mixer taps offer the perfect blend of style and versatility and offer exceptional value for money.

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