Ross’s sexy new bathroom vanity range will blow you away!

When it comes to creating an ultra-modern bathroom on a budget, updating your vanity is a really effective solution. Vanities are the focal point of a bathroom and investing in one will transform your bathroom into a stylish and contemporary space at a minimal cost.

At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer an extensive selection of bathroom vanities in Perth for you to choose from. Our vanities feature a variety of styles, shapes and designs and are available in a range of colour finish options as well.

Furthermore, they are all very budget-friendly. While states that you can expect to pay anywhere from $467 for a 900mm wall hung vanity with hidden handles to $1,360 for a 1,200mm wall hung vanity with an integrated ceramic basin, you’ll find ours to be much cheaper.

So, continue reading this post as I showcase 6 of our bestselling bathroom vanities in Perth. Choose any of these and you’ll own a sexy vanity that’ll be everybody’s envy.

1. Belford Vanity Unit

Belford Vanity Unit

Our Belford Vanity Unit is stylish, functional and surprisingly affordable. It is designed to be installed as a wall hung vanity and also doubles up as a storage solution. It includes a poly marble top with a large bowl and two soft-closing drawers. This vanity unit is manufactured out of top-grade MDF board and is backed by a solid 5-year warranty.

The Belford Vanity Unit measures 1,200x460mm and is available in widths of 75mm, 900mm and 1,000mm. It will cost you just $645.

2. Malo Vanity Unit

Malo Vanity Unit

The Malo Vanity Unit is the perfect choice for medium to large-sized bathrooms. It features an elegant poly marble top with a bowl and includes a soft closing drawer. This wall hung vanity comes completely pre-assembled and is designed to offer straightforward installation.

The Malo Vanity Unit measures 1,000x460mm and is available for just $495.

3. Geneva Vanity Unit

Geneva Vanity Unit

Our Geneva Vanity Unit is a classy and elegant bathroom vanity cum storage solution. It is equipped with two large soft-closing drawers and a gorgeous poly marble top with a large bowl. This wall hung vanity features a glossy white finish on the sides and a brilliant wax oak finish on the drawer.

The Geneva Vanity Unit measures 900x460mm and is priced at just $895.

4. Dijon Vanity Unit

Dijon Vanity Unit

The Dijon Vanity Unit will transform even the dullest of bathrooms into a modern space. This striking vanity unit features two large drawers and includes a poly marble top with a basin. It is designed to offer easy installation and is suitable for use in small to medium-sized bathrooms. It boasts of an elegant Nile Oak wood grain finish and is equipped with stylish chrome handles.

The Dijon Vanity Unit measures 800x460mm and it can be all yours for just $785.

5. Laval Vanity Unit

Laval Vanity Draws Close

Our Laval Vanity Unit is a lavish bathroom vanity which features double bowls. It is made out of a poly marble top and includes two soft-closing drawers. This vanity is manufactured to the finest standards of quality out of top-grade MDF board and is backed by an impressive 5-year warranty. It is available in a brilliant Nile Oak finish, complemented by elegant chrome handles.

The Laval Vanity Unit measures 1,200x460mm and will cost you only $785.

6. Orleans Vanity Unit

Orleans Vanity Close

The Orleans vanity Unit will make a bold style statement in any bathroom it is installed in. It boasts of an ultra-modern design and includes more storage space than standard bathroom vanities in Perth. It is available as a preassembled unit and you can consider to DIY install it. It features a poly marble top with a large bowl and comes in a timeless wax oak finish.

The Orleans Vanity Unit measures 900x500x850mm and is available for just $785.


If you’re looking for the best bathroom vanities in Perth, look nowhere else but Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer an extensive range of stylish, practical and affordable bathroom vanities that will certainly help you create an ultra-modern bathroom.

Some of our bestselling bathroom vanities include the Belford Vanity Unit, Malo Vanity Unit, Geneva Vanity Unit, Dijon Vanity Unit, Laval Vanity Unit and Orleans Vanity Unit. Choose any of these depending on the space in your bathroom and the style you’re after.

Shop online or visit us in Guildford to see these gorgeous bathroom vanities in person!

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