5 renovation mistakes that will destroy your dream kitchen

dream kitchen

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, I’m sure you’re all excited and ready to get started. However, I must remind you – kitchen renovations, or any type of home renovation for that matter, are a major project. While kitchen renovations are both time consuming and costly, if not planned well, your dream kitchen can become nothing but that, a dream.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve heard way too many horror stories regarding kitchens in Perth. Most of these horror stories have one thing in common – improper planning and ignorance.

To ensure you don’t end up destroying your dream kitchen, learn what the 5 most common kitchen renovation mistakes are. This way you can avoid making the same mistakes and be well on your way to creating your dream kitchen in Perth!

1. Not having enough benchtop space

I’ve noticed that the biggest mistake that I see people make when designing kitchens in Perth is not having enough benchtop space. You must not make this mistake. Your kitchen design should be highly functional and you must plan for it before undertaking any renovation work.

To avoid this mistake, always consider your workflow when you’re planning your renovation. You should maximise the benchtop space on both sides of your stove. Avoid placing your stove against a wall and never build cabinets on the sides of your stove. You’ll often find the need to quickly place hot vessels around your stove and you’ll want a clear benchtop as close as possible.

Also, make sure that your kitchen benchtop is functional and that it offers you maximum workspace. Your benchtop should provide enough space for you to carry out your kitchen duties with ease.

When it comes time to purchase benchtops in Perth, consider our selection at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our benchtop are elegantly designed, incredibly functional and most of all, surprisingly affordable.

2. Installing sinks in the island bench

In kitchens that feature an island bench, I often see people mistakenly install their sink into the island. The island is the focal point of a kitchen and is often used as makeshift eating area. Before you start to renovate your kitchen, consider how the island bench will be utilised.

Your kitchen sink should be integrated into your general benchtop area. All of the kitchen sinks that we have to offer at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Perth are suitable for such installation.

If you install sinks in your island bench, you’ll soon find that it will become untidy and unkempt. Moreover, dirty dishes and accessories will inevitably pile up in this area. Your island should be kept clean, unobstructed and reserved solely for preparation or eating.

3. Not having enough electrical outlets

With all of the small kitchen appliances available today, it’s common for kitchen in Perth to contain an assortment of devices. However, I’m often surprised at just how many people fail to include adequate amount of electrical outlets for their needs. Many people think that just one or two outlets will suffice, but this never works out.

Before you start building your dream kitchen, make sure to consider electrical outlets. Multiple outlets will help you operate your small kitchen appliances simultaneously and work with ease. Besides, how are you going to charge your phone while cooking otherwise?

4. Keeping the “work triangle” obstructed

The busiest areas of the kitchen include the stove, fridge and sink. This area is often referred to as the work triangle and it must be kept free from all obstructions. However, I’ve met many customers who have ignored the importance of the work triangle all together. Your dream kitchen will surely be ruined if you do so.

Avoiding this mistake is pretty straightforward. When designing your dream kitchen in Perth, just make sure that your work triangle presents unobstructed access both to and from all three locations. Easy access to these areas will offer better workflow and you’ll be able to work more efficiently.

If you need further assistance with placement of your appliances, come in and see one of our floor staff at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Guildford. As one of the leading appliance centres in Perth, we are well equipped to assist you with the layout of your dream kitchen.

5. Not keeping enough room for storage

I regularly meet customers looking for a better storage solution after failing to include enough storage space in their kitchen. I’m sure you like to have all your pots and pans concealed and a pantry full of food. However, things can get cluttered and messy fast in a kitchen that doesn’t have enough cabinets to contain all these items.

Fortunately, with a little planning, you’ll easily avoid this mistake. When designing your dream kitchen, make sure you include as many cabinets as possible and a large pantry.  Cabinets offer the best space for storing large and clunky items and need to be considered with importance.

Thankfully, you’ll find an excellent selection of kitchen cabinets  and pantry cabinets at Ross’s that will ensure you don’t make this avoidable mistake.


When you it comes to creating a dream kitchen in Perth, there are some basic mistakes that must be avoided. These mistakes include not having enough benchtop space, installing sinks in the island bench, not installing enough electrical outlets, keeping the work triangle obstructed and not having enough storage space. By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll have a much better chance of building your dream kitchen.

For the biggest range of kitchen products in Perth, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Browse through our online store or drop by our showroom in Guildford. We’ll be happy to assist you in every way possible.

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