Love This Kitchen? Create Your Own for Less Than You Think!

I bet you’re wishing your kitchen looked this nice, I know I am!  But did you know, this kitchen can be yours, and for much less than you would imagine?

A kitchen can be expensive, but not a Ross’s Discount Home Centre kitchen. According to’s Overview of Home Renovation in 2017 and 2018, the average cost of a small kitchen was $12,000 while the cost of a large kitchen was $20,000. Meanwhile, our kitchens are much cheaper than this.

If you want the look of a $20,000 kitchen on a $12,000 budget, then this kitchen is for you!

But wait, there’s more (sorry I had to say it). In addition to our affordable prices, all of our kitchen cabinets are delivered pre-assembled. So, all you need to do is purchase your kitchen from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s online store and fix it in place. The nightmare of having to put everything together isn’t even an issue. And, if you shop online, you’ll receive delivery to any address in the Perth Metro area. This really is the easiest kitchen cabinet selection process in Perth, and it’s so affordable!

In addition to being preassembled, all wall and base units feature a high-quality 2-pack finish, soft closing doors and drawers and are also backed by a 5-year warranty.

So how can you have this kitchen and how much will it cost you?

Let’s take a look, starting at the wall cabinets:

Wall Unit Above Refrigerator 90cm – $200 inc.GST

The 90cm Wall Unit Above Refrigerator offers great functionally by adding additional storage above the fridge.

Size: 900mm W x 350mm D x 350mm H

Microwave and Wall Oven Cupboard 63cm – $695 inc.GST

The 63cm Microwave And Wall Oven Cupboard is an all-in-one unit for storing a microwave and oven and is a must-have for any well-designed kitchen.

Size: 633mm W x 580mm D x 2100mm H

Wall Cupboard Three(3) Door 120cm – $310 inc.GST

The 120cm Three(3) Door Wall Cupboard is a functional unit that combines the 90cm double door wall unit with a 30cm single door unit. It’s ideal for storing cups and glasses.

Size: 1200mm W x 300mm D x 592mm H

Moving onto the base cabinets:

Base Unit Right Hand Hinged Single Door 30cm – $220 inc.GST

The 30cm Single Door Right Hand Hinged Base Unit is a slim cabinet that is ideal for a waste tidy bin or storing other kitchen essentials.

Size:  300mm W x 580mm D x 860mm H

Corner Base Cupboard 90cm Left Hand Hinged – $590 inc.GST

The 90cm Corner Base Cupboard lets you maximise storage space by utilising what would otherwise be unusable space.

Size: 900 x 900mm W x 580mm D x 860mm H

Base Three(3) Drawer Pot Draw 80cm – $580 inc.GST

The 80cm Three(3) Drawer Pot Draw Base is a must-have for any kitchen as it provides vital storage for cutlery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans and miscellaneous items that don’t really belong anywhere – like hammers, tape measures, scissors and sticky tape – or is that just me?

Size: 800mm W x 580mm D x 860mm H

Base Unit Three(3) Door 120cm – $520 inc.GST

Lastly, we have the 120cm Three(3) Door Base Unit, which is great for storing and plates and bowls and small kitchen appliances like that waffle maker you’ve never used by had to have – or is that also just me?

Size: 1200mm W x 300mm D x 900mm H

To complete your kitchen, simply choose your stone benchtop, splashback tiles and kitchen appliances and you too will have a gorgeous kitchen just like the one pictured above for less than you would have ever imagined.


Designing a modern kitchen that really ‘wows’ doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you choose to shop for your kitchen cabinets at Ross’s Discount Home Centre kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are extremely affordable, yet very durable and exceptional quality.

View our range of kitchen base cabinets and kitchen wall cabinets online or in our showroom, which is located in Guildford Perth. All cabinets are preassembled and delivered free of charge to Peth Metro areas when bought from our online store.

Let us make the kitchen of your dreams at the price of your dreams!

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